Wardrobing for looks, style, success. A little about skirts.

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Figuring a wardrobe takes into consideration many aspects of life.  As women we have many careers at home--first and foremost we are a grateful ( i.e. I am a woman made by God for His glory and I want to look and dress like I am pleased with how He made me)  daughter of the King,
wife to our husband,
 mother to our children

home maker and home keeper

meal preparer



food preserver

and mistress of the farm just to name a few.

For our different roles it requires different practical clothing.  For much of the homemaking activities, a lovely apron covering a simple, yet pretty-on-you frock would work nicely.  For going to town, one can add a nice jacket or cardigan or perhaps a dressier outfit would be better.  I believe that we should dress nicely because we expect those we go to see--doctor, dentist, shop-keeper, repairman, etc. to be dressed for his occupation.  If we dress nicely I believe we should expect good service.  However, our attitude makes a difference whether we dress nicely or not.

There are many opinions as to what to wear for feminine clothing.  As far as that goes, we will stick to dresses and skirts.  This post is more about skirt styles than wearing a skirt and top as opposed to a dress.  So whether you wear a dress or 2-piece outfit, you still need to figure which style is best for you.

The shape we are in determines what type of skirts and tops we would look best in.  Basically there are 2 categories:  short, 5'4" and under;  tall, 5'7" and over.   Then it breaks down into different sections  of  our body build.   If you fall between these two you have to decide which looks better on you of the styles you like.

For the short gal:   gathered skirts are not recommended for short waists, large hips ( nor a yoke also),  or a large frame.  Gathered skirts are very flattering on  long waists and small hips.  Large hips look nice  in skirts with a panel front, gored,  and  flared .   Small hips look nice in pleated,  hip stitched pleats or flares from the hip.  A single front pleat becomes a short waisted figure.

For the tall gal:  gathered skirts are not so flattering on a short waist, but a front pleat and a yoke would do nicely.  Long waisted gals can easily wear gathered skirts.  Small hips can wear gathers, panels pleated,  and hip stitched pleats and flares from a wide band.   Large hips need to avoid gathers but focus on a  panel front, gored, flared, and wrap styles.  A skinny gal should avoid straight skirts.

These are just suggestions gleaned from an older Vogue Sewing Book.  The main idea is to bring the focus to our face which should reveal our countenance and thus bring ultimate honor and glory to our Savior.

As far as general dressing in feminine clothing goes, I just came across an interesting site  called Large Families on Purpose and she states why they decided to wear feminine clothing (i.e., skirts, tops, and dresses) and also explains how they manage to do it.  She also gives tips on how to afford to start such a wardrobe.  It is an interesting read with lots of good comments and solutions.

I will post pictures with types in another post.  I am a visual person and like to see examples.

Do you know what a frock is?

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I decided to look up the Wikipedia definition of frock and then check some images for frock in the search engine.  I know that it has meant dresses for girls and women, but when I checked the images, there came up a variety of India dresses listed as "frocks".  I found them reminiscent of princess style clothing--they are graceful and elegant and I would feel like a "princess" in one!  I love the beautiful detail of the various designs and colors.  I noticed that they had matching pants, perhaps a lighter weight variation of our leggings we wear in our colder climates under our skirts and dresses. Notice they are also "modest" yet fitted but not to distraction.
This is such a flattering style.  The hem trimming reminds me of  Russian  folk wear.

The length is very flattering.  It balances the dress nicely.

Spring wear coming up

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Here's a soft hued outfit.  I would change the white t-top to a denser weave not opaque,

A style with poufy sleeves.

Inspirations can come from a variety of sources.  Watching others for color combinations, styles that are modest,  and deportment.  Magazines, catalogs, pattern catalogs, online sites that offer modest clothing are some of the easier to peruse.  I received a catalog from Serengeti  which offers some nice modest clothing in a variety of styles.  Here's just a few that they offer:

Catching up?

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It is that time of year when marketing is heading towards spring and summer and I'm feeling as though I am barely getting caught up in the winter cyle. I try to get patterns and fabric ready for the next season, but many times it ends up being made the following year's season! I think it would be easier to concentrate on just trying to accomplish smaller projects for those of us with limited time.

I hope that you don't have as many projects unfinished as I have!

With the weather giving us some unwanted coolness,  it may be a while before those  in the northern section of the US can change winter wardrobes to spring clothing.  Here is a modest one from this site.

Styles seem to be whatever one feels inclined to wear so there should be just as much skin showing again as the weather warms.  As believers, we need to check our motives for what we wear and why.  Always make sure it does not cause embarrassment to anyone as wider necklines, tighter fitting, and higher skirts call attention to our physical being instead of the countenance of our face which should reflect our identity with Christ  because we  love  the Savior and need to remember what He has done for us so that we are not held to the bonds of approval of the world's system.  

Our desire should be to reflect the attributes that mark a Christian or set one apart from the world.  We are to be in the world but not of it. We don't want to wear fig leaves--our own ideas of covering the body;  we are covered with God's covering--he killed an animal to clothe Adam and Eve.  In other words, God sets the standards by which we live which will bring honor and glory to him through everything we do including the clothing we wear.  We must ask ourselves is Christ magnified by what I am wearing?  Modesty is a heart issue.  Your body language and actions and what you wear speaks who you represent.

May your choices reflect what you believe.

Fabric choices for wardrobing

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The above samples are actually home dec fabric and the groupings give ideas on color combinations, textures, and the variety  of accents.  Many jackets have been made from home dec fabric as there are many pretty patterns and choices of heavier weights.  

Butterick 3037

What I think would give a lot of mileage to a wardrobe would be to make a jacket out of  a home dec fabric and make skirts, tops, dresses to match.  The skirts could be out of silk, linen, heavier cottons, homespun types, etc.  Tops can be knit, preferable in cotton or other natural fibers;  wovens in cottons, linens, silks, and dresses made in similar fabrics. 
Vogue 7975  This is one that could be used in the Chanel Jacket contest.

Marfy pattern

I know there are many patterns coming out now that mimic the seventies styles when polyester fabric came out and everyone either bought a dress or made one. In fact wardrobes were filled with simple poyester shifts. They were easy to make. Wearing them and being comfortable was another issue. I don't think we realized that man made fibers could never compete with natural fibers for keeping cool or staying warm. The polyesters kept me hot when it was hot and when I wanted to keep warm, it was almost impossible. I am so glad that we have fabrics that we can live comfortably in.
Simple skirt and top using the raised neckline for modest style.

I do like to get all natural fabrics, i.e. 100% cotton, 100% linen, 100% wool, and 100% silk, rather than portions mixed with man-made fibers. They just have a different feel, perhaps the more expensive, the better the feel. I haven't purchased any organic fabrics yet and would like to try some.
This New Look below is a very simple dress that needs some neckline altering and skirt lengthening, but would work nicely under a jacket.

One thing has always puzzled me is in the Bible it talks about mixed fibers; i.e. linen and wool as in
Leviticus 19:19 "Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woolen come upon thee."  Again in Deuteronomy 22:11 "Thou shalt not wear a garment of divers sorts, as of woollen and linen together."  Some suggest that it weakens the fabric strength. I am not sure and will have to do some studying.  But it definitely said not to wear a garment consisting of linen and wool mixed together. I am thinking this is woven fibers together. One is vegetative and the other is from an animal. Something to think about.

A quick sale for Kwik Sew Patterns - Found--3 easy pieces for great wardrobe building!

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KWIK SEW  has a clearance sale going on until January 31 for $3.99 a pattern.  They have some classic pieces that would work well for basic wardrobe building.  These pattern styles could be used for making pieces both in winter weight and for summer wear using heavier fabric combinations for winter and the lighter ones for summer.

I was looking at the KWIK SEW sale and found a simple solution for a quick way to whip up an easy mix and match wardrobe using basic "learn-to-sew" patterns.  I actually purchased these with the intent of making some skirts and tops as well as  a jacket  for wearing during transitional season times.

For the top I chose number K3475.  It is very simple with 2 sleeve lengths and a straight bottom hem.

For the skirt I liked K2805
For a jacket I chose K2895
For alternative patterns on this same theme of 3 Easy Pieces, here are some more patterns that would work:
This has 2 basic pieces to which a jacket could be added from the samples below.

For plus sizes, KWIK SEW has some very nicely designed styles:

Here is an outfit with 3 pieces in it.  One can add tops and jackets as show below.

Workable Tops for Wardrobing

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When considering tops for outfits,  look for style, comfort, and color.
Found here.

Style--1. A particular fashion in clothing.
          2. A particular type or fashion suitable for or agreeable to a person.

Your personality usually dictates what you consider your style.  Here we have a gamut of listings.  This would include the sporty styles, the classic looks, the romantic  types, the little girl, cutesy, fad follower, western  type, layered, country casual, dressy, petite pixie, tall, willowy, draped, tomboy, man-style, etc.  Unfortunately, we tend also to be heavily influenced by many biases from social media, written media, and  entertainment media.  Statement clothing is obvious, for example "steam punk", the "grunge" look from times past.

For Christian women, young ladies, and girls we want to
dress in a manner that honors our
Maker and also our family.  Our
attention should be to the details
that will enhance our statement that we
are women who want to glorify the Lord.

Found here.
Style includes what looks good on you, what fits so that no undue attention is drawn to anything other than your face, and what is considered classic with minor variations.  Your own unique style will include these.
Found here.
One of the basic considerations when buying a garment is to use the funds that God has provided in a wise way so that you will get many miles out of your purchases.  You can figure this out by dividing the cost of an article of clothing by how many times you plan to wear it.

The tops can be divided into seasonal categories which really depends on the area you live in.  We have definite seasons here and so we put away summer clothes and get out the winter ones once we have gone through the transitional stages of spring and fall.  We use natural fibers as they keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
We also have wind to deal with and little humidity.

This is a simple yet beautiful look.
I don't know where I found this.
 (If you do, please let me know so I can give credit where it is due.)

Purchase items that can be used for mixing and matching with other pieces in your wardrobe.  Try to match up with as many pieces as possible.  Many blouses can be worn over t-tops for a layered look as well as a way to give a little more cover when it is cool but not enough to wear a sweater or jacket.

The best way is to have either fabric samples from other pieces to match when shopping, carry the item or wear it.  Try on styles to see if you like them try different colors.  Try scarves and other accessories to add to classics.  

These are a few of many styles of tops of woven fabrics.  Knit tops come in a variety of styles.  Just remember they tend to follow the body closely and our object is not to bring the eyes to anything other than our face.  We want people to see our countenance which should radiate our desire to please our Savior.

When in doubt, mother, father, and brothers can be of great assistance because, hopefully, they want to love and protect you and help you to look your best as a Godly representative of what you believe and cherish.
McCalls 5630  

Picture from here.
See this site to order blouse pattern.  This would look terrific with a gored skirt.
Visit here.
Blouse found here.  These camp shirts are
great with simple skirts.

Available here.

Ruthie's Run.  Always a classic style.

Ann Taylor  Well suited for dressier occasions.