Sunday, September 25, 2016

Following Fall: Simple Wardrobe Ideas

Golden Autumn
LaVere Hutchings
Changing of the seasons calls for warmer clothing during the Fall.

I have gone through some of the Simplicity patterns available to find simple styles and add suggestions for articles to add if needed or to accessorize differently.

For Dresses:

This is a simple dress that would need the neckline raised for modest dressing.  The blouse is dressy also and can be made in silk or soft fabrics for dressier occasions.

This one is very easy to make with a back zipper and semi-fitted through the bodice.  I would lower the hemline for a more flattering look.   This one can be accessorized with scarves, jewelry, belts, vests, and jackets.

This one would work with long sleeves in Fall colors.  The view D would work as a jumper in heavier fabric with a bright sweater underneath.

This one could be shortened or left long and made in cottons or corduroy for warmth.

For 2 piece dressing:

If you prefer knits, make sure there is no static or clingingness as you want it to ride over gently but not tight. Scarves would go well with this as well as large pieces of jewelry and various belts.

For Jumpers:

For Blouses:

Make sure your neckline doesn't sag so that it will be modest.  Wear a higher necked sweater or raise the neckline.  It would work nicely as an over blouse with a turtleneck sweater and skirt in heavier fabrics for cold weather.

For Skirts:

This is one of my favorites because it is simple and has a flattering line.  It is also easy.

This one is perhaps more detailed than the rest.  Gathered skirts go with some things while the more fitted at the waist work for over-blouses much better.

 This skirt pattern is easy and offers pockets.

For Jackets:

This is a lightweight one for using inside to keep the chill off.  It is very easy and flattering.

View C has an elegant look to it.  Views A and B are a popular style now.  They are good if you don't have to deal with wind!

 This is a classic style with some new variations.  It will take more work to sew these but the style should last many years.

For Fun:

I just think we ought to have a little fun outfit for at-home wear as the lounge clothes tend to express a "not-so-ready-to-do-anything" attitude that rubs off on the wearer.

Dottie Angel has some cute clothes patterns for fun and work.  I enjoy thinking about these as they come out.  I haven't made any yet, but perhaps may try 8186 with a sweater under, longer skirt, and leggings for warmth.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Just in time for Fall

 by Mary Hallyer

McCall's patterns are for sale yesterday (sorry) and today, September 16 and 17, 2016, at PatternReview.Com. until midnight EDT.

I have gone through the list and found a few that would require easy to moderate sewing skills.

I would also recommend if the necklines expose too much when you bend over--raise them up.
If the skirts are above the knee make them at least an inch or two below the knee or longer.
If the bodice is too tight go for the next size up--same with over the hips.
Modesty is our goal to glorify God in our clothing and demeanor.

So here are a few of my picks:

For Dresses:








For tops:

These are shown with pants, however they will work with skirts that are fitted through the waist and hips but not tight..



For skirts:



For a jumper:


For jackets and coats:

7200  This would look nice in a solid color as well.


7478, A very feminine look.

For fun!

7354, I would use this as a jumper or add sleeves.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Special 2 Day Sale for Artisan Style Clothing--Comfortable and Charming

Those of you who like a little more ease and a good comfort, quality styling, and uniqueness yet genuinely feminine in flowing and coverage take a look at these three.

Sewing has Park Bench Patterns for $2.99 today and tomorrow, and I would recommend  you  sign up for their emails and received notices for pattern sales.  I think it is wonderful that this company can offer specials like this.  Check them out.

Anyway, these  patterns  from Park Bench Patterns (I picked out these favorites) offer some variety in sewing as well as adding to a wardrobe.

Park Bench Mexico Holiday pattern is a modern update of a vintage favorite, the 1940's Mexican souvenir jacket. Make it traditional with the included applique patterns or contemporary, both versions are included in the pattern. These unlined jackets feature: shoulder darts, side vents, patch pockets, pleated sleeves and lots of charm!
These Mexican Jackets are a bit of nostalgia but can be used plain for wardrobe extenders.                      

Park Bench Charlesbank Park pattern is a dress that has 4 pie shaped gores in the skirt with a slightly curved & raised front waist, with optional bust tucks. The length of the skirt is your choice. The sleeves can be made with or without ruffles. Made without the ruffles, this is my favorite 'little black dress'. The armholes of this dress are large and designed for comfort. The purpose of the bodice lining is to solve the problem of undergarment exposure. When you raise your arm, the lining (not your bra) will show. the lining is cut on the bias so it will contour to your body and fit comfortably. This dress is designed to have 6'-8' of ease. 
I like the idea of the above being her favorite little black dress as I believe the gals who have a larger body build would wear this very nicely.  Those of us on the very thin side are not able to wear these wonderfully flowing dresses as well.    It just looks very comfortable and should wear well and could be made out of a variety of fabrics that basically drape well.

Park Bench Elm Street Park pattern is an over-sized dress with dropped shoulders and a full skirt. The waist is meant to be large and roomy with 10'-12' of ease. Add mitten clips or ties to the back for a little gentle shaping. Optional hem bands will add contrast. A short vest fits right over the dress bodice to give a layered look. The jumper version can be worn over the dress or with a t-shirt. Elm Street Park is a great canvas for creative sewing! This pattern is sized to fit most and is designed to have lots of ease.

This gored bias cut swirl skirt with scalloped hem is a modern update of a style from those times that was so good it has become a classic

These are my favorites and there are more to pick from at Sewing

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Easy pieces!

Gibson Girl, 1899

 With summer heat on the rise, some of us like to spend the heat of the day in front of a sewing machine working on some projects some perhaps inspired by the heat.  There are pieces that lend themselves well to either being dressy or casual really depending on the fabrics used.  A classic style top and skirt will span several years worth of wearing, particularly if you use colors that enhance you and accent pieces that will add variety.

I tend to check out New Look patterns as they have very basic and simple-to-make styles.  For Summer I like make easy pieces out of lighter cottons for coolness and comfort.  One can always add a light sweater or jacket  for the top and a half slip or knee-length bloomers under the skirt.  Unless you can catch patterns on sale, Walmart offers the New Look Patterns for  under $5.

Simple Tops

This is an easy top from New Look 6434 that I hope to make soon.

This one is looser.
Getting into more detail with the pleated top--which would be a great camouflage top for various issues.

This blouse has more detail and pulls over the head.  It is more fitted.

This one has a jacket that would go nicely on cooler occasions.  The tops could be used with any skirt.

Then there is the camp shirt which is comfortable.

Simple A-Line Skirts

There is a simple skirt from New Look 6437 that will look nice on every body. A-line skirts are feminine and flattering.  New Look 6004 with a simple elastic waist to quickly pull on.  I like to add pockets to the side seam for keeping things handy.  There are other with a little more detail  New Look 6287 and New Look 6483

This New Look has some pockets  and is a little more fitted in the waist.

                                                          Wishing you a wondrous summer.