Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New pictures

I have this old dress form I got at a garage sale in Minnesota and finally got around to setting it up and found out the largest it would expand is 1 size smaller than what I wear. Oh well, I will put my outfits on it anyway. A new form isn't high on my want list. Maybe an old one someday.

This is one of the shirtwaist dresses I made using Vogue 8021. I am not a fan of notched collars, but this one wasn't too hard to put together. I purchased the fabric from Hancock's several years ago. The cotton is fairly heavy compared to some quilt cottons offered now. It is a good cool weather dress. I like to have side seam pockets. I add a brown belt to finish it off.

I didn't put in the darts and pleats but sewed it together at the waist and then added elastic. I like a little more ease of movement and sometimes my tummy likes a little more room.


Rachel said...

Looks nice Mom!

MorningGlory said...

I just discovered your blog and I really like it! I just wanted to comment that I like the use of elastic in the dress! I love sewing, but sometimes I feel too lazy to deal with zippers/darts/buttons. Your use of the elastic at the waist is a great way to maintain a closer fit without using the other stuff!

A question I have is did you keep the buttons or are you able to wear the dress as a pullover?

Great job!

Janet said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I am glad you like it.

I used the buttons but attached a waistband type hook and eye at the waist as it holds better than a button and doesn't get in the way of a belt.

Thank you!