Saturday, April 28, 2012

Two new fun patterns from Vogue!

I just noticed that Vogue listed their new summer patterns and found a couple that shouldn't take too much work for Spring and Summer wear.
Vogue 8810

Short sleeve with straight skirt.

The long sleeve and flared skirt version.

                                                                              Vogue 8811
                                                                  Vogue 8811

 Both of these patterns can be made with a variety of lightweight fabrics, probably heavier weight if you make the straight skirts of Vogue 8810 of which I would lengthen a bit and taper from the waist out to the hem to make walking a little easier.  Watch the neckline plunge and re-adjust upwards for modesty or wear a pretty lace dickey or undergarment that keeps you covered when you bend over to pick up children or toys, etc

Many of the Vogue patterns can be purchased at discounts from JoAnn stores across the U.S.  We live a couple hours away from our nearest store and I call in and purchase them with a card and pick them up when I am in town the next time.  I prefer to buy patterns on sale as I can invest more in fabric.  There are internet options with reduced costs.  One author I read said that she almost always  buys as much as she is able for what she needs on sale.  If there is no hurry, she waits.

Interesting to note in these two photo shoots how the same handbag is used!  Shoes are definitely at new heights.

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