Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Do the knees really have the spotlight this season?

Do we "kneed" our knees showing?

(Just an interjectory comment--my biased opinion--- here between thoughts of putting a wardrobe together.)

Looking at a few of the new styles coming off the ramps and through the pattern books ( I haven't had any opportunity to check out fashion magazines or catalogs), it seems that skirts tend to be short again with many above the knee and mid-knee.  I caught myself studying knees and decided that a woman really looks much more feminine when her knees are covered--in regards to skirts and dresses.   Take a good look at those styles that show the knees.  My opinion is that they look much better covered--something knobby and sinewy about their appearance--perhaps because  I grew up looking at cow's and horse's legs and it just doesn't strike me as something needing to be shown.  The leg curve below the knee is much more attractive when the skirt goes below the knees.  The feminine lines of the wearer continue with a graceful flow.   Check it out for yourself.

One more thought:  we tend to dress little girls in short dresses for reasons of practicality, so is extending the exposed knees to adulthood  an attempt to look "girly" rather than feminine?  Are we afraid of becoming old, having wrinkles, losing our figure, etc.?  Who really needs to see those knees? I suppose there are certain ones who consider exposed knees as an attractive attribute in order to seek attention.  But looks should not be directed to below the face.  I am sure most people are plenty tired of seeing cleavage, yet I think more are embarrassed by it as well as seeing legs exposed  up to who knows where ( I would hope there are people who still blush when a woman bares skin that only her husband should see and men who would turn their gaze away! God only knows what messages it sends to our dear children.).  There is a faint yet strong message that what one can't see in clothing, and I don't mean peek-a-boo, slits, or skin tight,  is that the look is much more attractive.  Crass clothing is equal to advertisement.  Your clothing denotes your character statement.

 Graceful is a trait applied to a young lady or woman whose lines flow gently from top to bottom with good posture and demeanor.  Something could be said about shoe styles, but in a future post.

I came across something to think about while reading a post by Lady Lydia, one commenter recommends a longer skirt  length  which makes you look more feminine and slender whereas the shorter lengths tend to make one look fatter.  Do a little research.  Sit someplace where you can observe people. 

Question:  How can we influence our daughters and women of Christian faith to dress modestly so that they realize they are doing so to please the Lord, the King of Kings, the most important one in their life?

Question: Do we have ladies and matronly ladies who will dare to dress different than current fads and styles? We need great examples of ladies of stature and demeanor.

Challenge:  Will you join me as we seek to encourage our sisters in faith and women in general that we are pleased to be a lady by God's choice and design and dress and act that way?

May we do all to the glory of God.

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