Friday, November 30, 2012

Simple Gifts

A Victorian Family Chooses A Turkey For Christmas
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Christmas time is always busy with family, school, business, and other social occasions for most.   Ours have been from meager to much.  We have cut back on gifts since we first got married.  We both came from families that didn't  go to the excesses on Christmas and birthdays, although we do give more on birthdays as it is easier to find things that are useful for presents.

Christmas can become a very cluttered time with decorations, food making and taking,  shopping while avoiding crowds, dressing up and dressing--period,  balancing budgets, time, and energy, yet making sure the family is taken care of and keeping the perspective of  a good help-mate.  It can get to be a down-right frustrating time to end the year with.  Then...whizz, whirrr and we are starting the New Year with little on the calendar and we can RELAX, hopefully.

My suggestion for gifts this year is based on research of the coming slowing down of our economy and learning how to live with much less.  Jobs are at a premium now and who knows how many will retain jobs this next year.  At any rate,  make the best of what time and resources you have to work with.  Cut out non-essentials, extra gadgets, eating out, etc..  Become creative with your talents. Check out library books that have good and useful items that can be made by you.  There are lots of books with ideas for gift giving. You have choices of sewing, cooking, baking, gardening, wood projects, all kinds of crafty ideas, even books of how-to's.  If you live in rural areas check out internet sites for easy things to make.  Buy gifts online from others who have made items to sell.  Look on etsy for items to buy or ideas to make your own.  This is just a smattering of endless ideas available!

Just a precautionery note--since we are experiencing many kinds of natural disasters, you might make up some Smart Packs as outlined in NGJ Set.-Oct. 2009 for some unique gifts!

Remember it is our goal to serve the Lord in all our activities that He may be honored and glorified.

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