Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A quick sale for Kwik Sew Patterns - Found--3 easy pieces for great wardrobe building!

KWIK SEW  has a clearance sale going on until January 31 for $3.99 a pattern.  They have some classic pieces that would work well for basic wardrobe building.  These pattern styles could be used for making pieces both in winter weight and for summer wear using heavier fabric combinations for winter and the lighter ones for summer.

I was looking at the KWIK SEW sale and found a simple solution for a quick way to whip up an easy mix and match wardrobe using basic "learn-to-sew" patterns.  I actually purchased these with the intent of making some skirts and tops as well as  a jacket  for wearing during transitional season times.

For the top I chose number K3475.  It is very simple with 2 sleeve lengths and a straight bottom hem.

For the skirt I liked K2805
For a jacket I chose K2895
For alternative patterns on this same theme of 3 Easy Pieces, here are some more patterns that would work:
This has 2 basic pieces to which a jacket could be added from the samples below.

For plus sizes, KWIK SEW has some very nicely designed styles:

Here is an outfit with 3 pieces in it.  One can add tops and jackets as show below.

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