Sunday, May 25, 2014

Interim Thoughts - Pausing for maternity's sake

The Cradle
Berthe Morisot  

We have a lot of babies popping up around us and are so tickled to see the little ones so welcomed and loved in their families--even the new adoptions.  Life is too short to miss these sweet times.  It is an almost overwhelming responsibility and with out the strength and guidance from our Lord it would wear a woman out.  Building godly character never changes with the times.  This is where the injunction for older women who have behavior that becometh holiness are instructed to teach the younger women the precious life-calling of being a wife and mother and all that goes with it as written in Titus 2:3-5.

As for the attire that goes with this period in a lady's life, Modestly Sew has been a little puzzled as to the style of maternity clothes seen on the general  expectant population.  To err on the side of modesty would benefit many.   Hence, I have searched the pattern catalogs for something discreet and modest for the  short waiting period and found a few.  I am sure there can be many adaptations made from many  patterns.
Kwik Sew 3486
Butterick 5763 A nice top over a skirt.
(Buttoning up the neckline and raising it if necessary.)
This one would need a  high-necked camisole or some sort of covering  over the low neckline in order to be modest.
I have not seen these kind of over blouses on any.

Butterick 5763
(Buttoning up the neckline and raising it if necessary.) The sleeves could be shorted to above elbow.

This c;ould be made out of cotton and dress length with a higher neckline buttoned up.  A blouse pattern would work for ideas.
Here is a simply constructed top that would work nicely over skirts or extended to dress length.

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SharonR said...

I'm so glad to see so many decent maternity patterns. I'm well past that, and thankfully, was not in the era of knit-body-hugging maternity clothes. I've tried to get over my dislike of them, but when I saw a blog by a man who said they were indecent, I was relieved that I was on the right track in my thinking after all. I realize poverty forces some women to wear things they might not otherwise, but with God's help, anyone can obtain decent clothing.