Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Favorite Dress Pattern

This is another favorite. Simplicity 5189 is an easy dress
to sew. There are no zippers or buttons and one can leave the ties off. I have raised the neckline using another pattern for the jewel neckline I prefer. I just leave a short neckline opening in back and close it with a button and loop. This pattern works well in cottons and fabric that has "flow" to it. It is a very feminine style and would work well on many body types. My only suggestion would be to check and make sure when you have a low neckline and bend over that you don't want to expose an immodest view. I believe the sleeveless style would make a nice jumper. The only other thing I would add is pockets and I haven't figured out where I would put those in as I like in-seam pockets. Sometimes the pockets make it look bulky at the hip on slim outlines. I will need to experiment. I made this in a red silky print I got several years ago when WalMart sold fabrics for $1./yd. I made a scrunchie to go with it. I think you will be pleased with the fit of this dress when you have sewn it.

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