Sunday, January 15, 2023

Winter 2023--a good time to try layering for warmth!

Winter Jumper Ideas

With the variety of weather situations, you might want to be prepared for some stormy weather!  If it is really cold be sure to have a pack containing extra clothing -underlinings and extra outer coverings, pajamas if you are fortunate enough to stop at a motel/hotel. Be sure to have a couple extra good blankets/quilts that will keep you warm if stranded and you run out of gas or electricity.  It helps to be prepared as much as you can for whatever happens.

One of my favorites is wearing jumpers--underneath you can wear a warm turtleneck sweater along with leggings or long underwear with warm knee-highs and over all that a button or zip sweater and/or jacket.

Just a simple look for a jumper dress style that most all figures can wear.  This is actually a ready-to-wear apron found at this sight.  One could use a skirt and just figure out a bib style that would fit and add ties to crisscross in back with buttons and buttonholes. 

This is an old favorite from many years ago and is still available from Paisley Pincushion

This is a very workable pattern for everyday wear from Mildred Pinafore Dress.

This one is out of print but available in certain sizes on ebay.

This is the Smith Pinafore Dress.  Less waste to make.

 I like to wear jumpers!  I find them a very comfortable outfit.  They come in various styles and make for great layering in cooler seasons.

A variation of the Hinterland Dress.

This is the Penney Pinafore Dress.
McCalls has this on sale now for $4.99.

McCalls has a more fitted version.

 This pattern intrigues me because at this point in my life I prefer to have a hint of waist rather than fitted as they are much more comfortable to move around in.  I ordered this in PDF  from The Assembly Line Shop and am looking forward to making it in a heavy cotton.

There are many styles available on Ebay and Etsy.  Check them out if you want some classic styles. Otherwise you can use a shirt dress pattern and make a top without sleeves and collar with larger openings and bind or face them.

While searching for some patterns on Etsy, I found an interesting shirt dress pattern listed.  It is different in that the skirt has semi-fitted  panels which gives more fullness at the hemline and less bulk at the waist.  She has an Etsy store  where this pattern is available.

This one would work if you left off the collar and made a wider neck opening.

Then as an addendum, TAL has a new "shirtwaist" dress pattern that one could make in heavier fabrics for winter wear.

by The Assembly Line 

“The Lord bless you and keep you; 
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;

The Lord [a]lift up His countenance upon you,

And give you peace.” ’

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Fall Trends

Looking at some 2021 fall fashion trends that weren't outrageous, I found a few that were worth mentioning as modest in design and style.  The lengths on skirts are short or long and with patterns one can adjust to a modest length fairly easily.


This dress found here.  This is a simple design but made to look great by the fabric choice.  

A simple shirtwaist dress pattern such as N6551 could be adapted by leaving the collar off and finishing with a bias band or a facing and making the sleeves long.  Use another pattern for the sleeve to make a little pleat on top or leave plain and to get the length you like. It also has 2 square pockets on the bodice which are up to you to make or leave off.  Make the skirt as long as you like.  The waist looks like a self fabric belt with ornamentation.  It also looks like a heavier fabric--maybe a denim weight?

Dress from this site.

Belt for sale here.  I liked this dress because it was different.  It is not a style everyone would like or could wear easily.  However, it is sporty and has interesting details.  It would take effort to make one similar to this and perhaps Simplicity 9260 would work.
Or this might inspire also:

Outfit found here.
There are simple dress patterns that can be adapted any body style. Just figure what you are comfortable with and that enhances your  modest presentation of who you are and who you represent.  Knits are more difficult to sew with and may follow lumps and bumps you would rather not show.  


The outfit below is basic classic style with a simple shirt and a flared skirt.  This could be made in any combination of fabrics you prefer.  Heavier cottons for blouses and skirts work for cooler climates.  Bright or fall colors would be appropriate for fall and winter.


The above skirt is priced at $1190.00  It has interesting lowered side gatherings.  To make a similar model using a commercial pattern, try Simplicity 9180.  You could sew the pockets to the skirt if  you want a similar look.

Here are a few more skirt patterns for a different look.

There is a cute make of this skirt on this site where there is appliqued design on the pockets and it looks very professional and stunning!

Friday, September 17, 2021

Spectacular Shirtwaist Dress Pattern Sale $3. Today Only!

 Calling all shirtwaist dress lovers!  This is a wonderful dress pattern that lends itself well to all kinds of adaptations as well as being a great classic shirtwaist!  The sale only lasts for today, September 17, 2021.  Check out her website here:  Winter Wear Designs

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Summer Sewing Thoughts



Hot, dry, and windy--a good time to check out what would work best for the weather you are having.  Stores are air conditioned.  Or maybe if you have time to relax search for patterns online while sipping lemonade or iced tea!

Here is a sermon that is worth listening to if you have any questions about what you wear and whether it is God-honoring.  Hot weather tends to make one want to "be comfortable"  but that doesn't mean you take off clothes or not put enough on.  Take a listen to this.  He is being honest. "Nakedness & Modesty"

Now after you have listened to this sermon, peruse the following patterns to see if they come close to the suggestions implied, perhaps with some simple alterations such as lowering the hemline or raising the neckline.  These are patterns pretty much available either online or storefront such as JoAnn's.

Perhaps sew skirt opening securely!