Saturday, May 7, 2011

Some great sales and ideas for summer

This has been a very busy time of year for us. We are raising some baby chicks in the house and waiting for good weather so we can finish the chicken house and move those chicks out. It seems that spring came after many snow showers and grass is turning green and daffodils are blooming on our high plains hill. Hurray!

It won't be long before school is finished for this year and summer work and activity keeps us busy. In the meantime, I am trying to get ahead in some summer sewing as spring is usually cool for us and we have to use "transitional" clothing of being warm enough but springy and spritely looking.

Our Hancock's had a great sale where I was able to get 52 yards for $52.! I was so thankful that I was able to get some great quality fabric for such a price. These were summer fabrics with a variety of weights and designs in mostly cottons. I try to leave the poly blends out of our clothing and stick with 100% cotton. It wears well and is comfortable. My take on polyester and blends is that it holds the heat in when it is hot as well as keeps one cold when the weather is cold.

I also found some older sewing patterns at a thrift store: 20 for $1. I found a few vest patterns to use for the kids and some shirtwaists for me. Most are unused with a few used but nice. I like those kind of sales.

I also decided to make a couple blouse/skirt combinations for summer. Our local quilt shop had some fabrics on sale and I bought some for skirts and blouses so I am looking forward to sewing them soon.

McCall's 2094 is a favorite blouse pattern with simple lines and not difficult to put together.

I use Vogue 9850 for a skirt pattern. Actually a simple A-line skirt pattern would work with little bulk around the waist. My shape is a rectangular block shape according to the Vogue pattern "FigureFlattery" description and so I aim for a little indentation at the waist. I gather the skirt instead of using pleats. I also like to make pockets in the side seams and use the Palmer/Pletsch method of using the pocket for an opening instead of a zipper. McCall's 2255 is also a good skirt pattern. Butterick 5431, 3134, Simplicity 2314, 2368, and New Look 6054 will work nicely for a slightly A-line skirt.