Thursday, January 2, 2020

"To Look Like a Lady"

Burda 6454

I was explaining to a friend why I preferred skirts and dresses and thought that maybe it comes across as "legalistic" or "religious" in their minds because many people do not make the Lord their reference point for their clothing choices. 

                     So we need to ask ourselves-
  • are there any guidelines in the Scriptures ?
  • for whom do we dress ?
  • who will be pleased with our choices ?
  • what are our motives?

I like to listen to the newly listed sermons on Sermon Audio on the topic of  Modesty and after listening to some, the newer the sermon the more adamant the speaker is about ladies looking different and distinct (meaning one should be able to SEE the difference between women and men, boys and girls). We should want  to look like ladies so that when we are walking with our husband,sons, father, and brothers, the world ought to be able to see a distinct difference (I Corinthians 11:14,15)  between  the male and the female of God's created order since we are his representatives.  (Genesis  1:27, 2:21-24, 1 Corinthians 11:3.)

By looking like a lady means dressing femininely plus acting like a lady ought.  Our deportment* is very important to our character.  First impressions often make an indelible mark in one's mind. 

Our job is to rise above the present culture to the standard of the Scriptures which would become evident by the way we live, talk, walk, and dress.  Letting your light so shine before men that they will see that you are different by your good works, which would encompass all aspects of our lives, so that others would glorify God because of how we behave and live before mankind.  Matthew 5:16.

*Deportment has to do with how you behave and present yourself.  Being polite, well-dressed, and soft-spoken shows excellent deportment.

I am pleased to see that the Simplicity Pattern Company came out with some dresses and skirts that can certainly make a woman look pretty and feminine.  The skirts are at a flattering length with fullness for ease of movement. Simplicity also carries New Look and Burda so I included some of  those patterns.  Please note I do not endorse immodest necklines.  I sincerely hope that you raise, close openings, or alter them so they are still becoming and modest.  I am pleased with the length of the skirts.  It is so much more in proportion to looking like a lady should.  It flatters her femininity, if I may say so.

New look 6635

Simplicity 9013

Simplicity 9040
Simplicity 9010

Simplicity 9041

See the pattern for the front view.  Neckline needs adjusting.  This picture shows a nice length of skirt.

Simplicity 8981  This is one of those basic patterns that can be used for sewing dresses for all seasons.
For a more sporty look or comfortable dress.
Simplicity 8984  Some dresses would be better with a T-top under them, warmer in winter and modest in summer.

Burda 6295

Burda 6291
Burda 6341
New Look 6642

Burda 6491

Simplicity 9057

May you seek the blessing of the Lord in your clothing choices and may he be glorified in your deportment!