Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Prepare for November 23, 2016, "Tie One On Day"!

The Letter, 1898

by James Hayllar
    What a wonderful thing the apron is!  What a delight we can find in such a simple thing as an apron!

My mother had a variety of aprons.  Many were gifts and used for different occasions, always pressed and fresh looking.   Pictures of her mother as well as my father's mother were taken with their aprons on, simple white ones with a simple front and ties around the neck and waist, and, of course, roomy pockets.  The above illustration is so quaint and colorful  with special embroidery and trims.  Even the painting on the wall shows a woman with an apron on!

I have been searching for a good deal on Mary Mulari's Chatterbox Apron Pattern and haven't been able to pick one up in our surrounding area.  I was planning on making one for my sister when I visit her this month.


It is reversible and looks cute with the added contrast colors.  It would be simple to sew and carry with me to her home.  I usually like to take something  that I have made especially for her.  While searching for this pattern I came across this Tie One On website and thought they promoted a great idea.

 Basically you make or buy an apron  and wrap it around homemade bread or baked goods and present it to a  selected person with a note or prayer, etc. and share it with a grateful heart.  So, that will be my project for her this year.

There are many cute reversible aprons available.  I found a few at Cabbage Rose.

I am also trying one of the larger aprons that criss-cross in back which I found at Maven Patterns.

There are numerous patterns for aprons.  It really depends on your tastes.  There are very feminine styles as well as just plain work aprons that stand up to all kinds of chores.  I do prefer the ones that cross in the back rather than tie around the neck.  I just take the neck strap, cut it in half, and add 12-20 inches more, depending on your build and attach it to the where opposite waist ties are attached by putting it on and crossing the long neck ties over your back and attaching them to each waist tie opposite and sew them down.  You can use buttons if you prefer  not to have to pull the apron off over your head.  Velcro might work, but I haven't tried it.  I put the apron on first so I can pin and adjust the comfort of the crossed straps in back.  It is easier to have someone help you, but one can do it otherwise.  Maybe you might have some easier solutions for not having to wear a neck strap.

There are free apron patterns on the internet:

I like sewing aprons because there is little fitting and fussing and they are quick and easy with only a few seams and limitless possibilities.

                                                    These above were all found on various websites.

Check out this post by Nancy Zieman on Tie One On Day for last year's suggestions.

May you enjoy the apron season and be inspired to share one.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Following Fall: Simple Wardrobe Ideas

Golden Autumn
LaVere Hutchings
Changing of the seasons calls for warmer clothing during the Fall.

I have gone through some of the Simplicity patterns available to find simple styles and add suggestions for articles to add if needed or to accessorize differently.

For Dresses:

This is a simple dress that would need the neckline raised for modest dressing.  The blouse is dressy also and can be made in silk or soft fabrics for dressier occasions.

This one is very easy to make with a back zipper and semi-fitted through the bodice.  I would lower the hemline for a more flattering look.   This one can be accessorized with scarves, jewelry, belts, vests, and jackets.

This one would work with long sleeves in Fall colors.  The view D would work as a jumper in heavier fabric with a bright sweater underneath.

This one could be shortened or left long and made in cottons or corduroy for warmth.

For 2 piece dressing:

If you prefer knits, make sure there is no static or clingingness as you want it to ride over gently but not tight. Scarves would go well with this as well as large pieces of jewelry and various belts.

For Jumpers:

For Blouses:

Make sure your neckline doesn't sag so that it will be modest.  Wear a higher necked sweater or raise the neckline.  It would work nicely as an over blouse with a turtleneck sweater and skirt in heavier fabrics for cold weather.

For Skirts:

This is one of my favorites because it is simple and has a flattering line.  It is also easy.

This one is perhaps more detailed than the rest.  Gathered skirts go with some things while the more fitted at the waist work for over-blouses much better.

 This skirt pattern is easy and offers pockets.

For Jackets:

This is a lightweight one for using inside to keep the chill off.  It is very easy and flattering.

View C has an elegant look to it.  Views A and B are a popular style now.  They are good if you don't have to deal with wind!

 This is a classic style with some new variations.  It will take more work to sew these but the style should last many years.

For Fun:

I just think we ought to have a little fun outfit for at-home wear as the lounge clothes tend to express a "not-so-ready-to-do-anything" attitude that rubs off on the wearer.

Dottie Angel has some cute clothes patterns for fun and work.  I enjoy thinking about these as they come out.  I haven't made any yet, but perhaps may try 8186 with a sweater under, longer skirt, and leggings for warmth.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Just in time for Fall

 by Mary Hallyer

McCall's patterns are for sale yesterday (sorry) and today, September 16 and 17, 2016, at PatternReview.Com. until midnight EDT.

I have gone through the list and found a few that would require easy to moderate sewing skills.

I would also recommend if the necklines expose too much when you bend over--raise them up.
If the skirts are above the knee make them at least an inch or two below the knee or longer.
If the bodice is too tight go for the next size up--same with over the hips.
Modesty is our goal to glorify God in our clothing and demeanor.

So here are a few of my picks:

For Dresses:








For tops:

These are shown with pants, however they will work with skirts that are fitted through the waist and hips but not tight..



For skirts:



For a jumper:


For jackets and coats:

7200  This would look nice in a solid color as well.


7478, A very feminine look.

For fun!

7354, I would use this as a jumper or add sleeves.