Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cold Days Ahead-Winter Wear Considered

Here are some interesting dresses.  These are found HERE. The top "little black dress" is elegant!  The middle dress with children's art is cute and whimsical  (reminds me of Ms. Frizzle of the Magic School Bus) and the lower picture says it all!  The video shows dresses are simple in line with A-lines, fitted chemises, waisted silhouettes, as well as shirtwaists.  The  double-breasted coats and jackets look nice.  There are outfits inappropriate  but that is to be expected with hi-fashion designers.  Use discretion if you share this with your children.  The lower the hemline the more feminine the style and that goes along with being covered-no see-throughs or lots of flesh showing.

I noticed some uses of fur or faux fur.  I think that one could make a collar like the model who has fur around her neck with the sleeveless black dress.  A collarless jacket with the dress would have looked better.  The little touches of fur can be accent pieces for the winter as well as for warmth.

Those above are for dress-up occasions.  Getting more practical for every day wear  there is always the denims for a country or western look such as this:
Dresses for casual wear can be made from any style pattern you like as long as you are able to move easily and gracefully with no low necklines or short skirts.  The style you choose can be similar to the basic black dress above with a smaller neckline.  There are heavier fabrics that would keep one warmer such as twills, and bottom-weights.


The above outfit is more sporty and ladies styles vary greatly.  It is all a matter of looking feminine while you wear what you choose.  

Simple dressing is best for home and this can be skirts and tops, dresses, culottes and blouses.  
McCalls3129 is a practical pattern, but out of stock.  Substitute New Look 6587 and make the neck higher.  You could add longer sleeves from another pattern or use  McCalls 2718 (below) fitting pattern to raise the neckline and for different sleeve lengths.
McCalls 2718

This pattern by Lisette, Butterick 6182, is simple and  would work with a skinny knit top underneath the blouse for winter.

Here are some more dresses that can be used for winter dresses and when summer comes make them with shorter sleeves and lighter fabrics.

If you like to wear jumper dresses and want a comfortable one, this is a summer pattern, but one could make it in heavier fabrics and wear knit tops or blouses under it for more warmth.  McCalls 7159

There are few simple patterns for blouses.  I like high necks in cooler weather and longer sleeves.  Cottons are warmer than blends.   
McCalls 6750
The fitted one is not as easy to move around in as is the looser shirt style above.  Also  New Look 6394 is another simple shirt style.

There are many simple skirt patterns available.  For home it can be more comfortable to wear A-lines, and if your waist changes size over the day, just add and inch or two to the waistline to accommodate the change.
New Look 6346 skirt is easy.

 Below is an easy skirt from Butterick 5757
McCalls easy skirt pattern

That's just a few of the patterns offered by the major pattern companies.  Many of you may have your favorite "go-to" patterns already.  

Wishing you happy sewing times !