Monday, March 26, 2012

The Classic Shirtwaist

Here is a site that explains shirtdresses and their popularity.

This is one of the many  shirtdresses available at Shabby Apple .

It seems that styles return (retro-to those who haven't lived through the earlier fashion) in similarity with adaptations of the present mode.  When the off-shoulder styles were in, one could find shirtwaist dresses in a variety of pleated, gathered, flared, gored, straight, and A-lines with a standard two-piece collar, or simple collar, notched collar, mandarin collar, Peter Pan collar, and lace collars.  Sleeves were flowing and loose or close fitting and made to all lengths.  It was a very comfortale dress to wear.  The fabrics were endless and it made one feel feminine.  Those were the 80's.

The shirtwaist has returned again and this time with a variety similar to the past.  The tops are more closefitting as were those constructed in the 50's and 60's. The lengths are shorter now and the tops have deeper necklines and the buttons don't go as high.  Here is a site that shows a variety of styles of the past at least from the '30s - '50s.

For the home seamstress there are many patterns that will lend themselves to a nice, comfortable shirtwaist.  McCalls, Simplicity, Butterick, and others have usually have some shirtwaist style available in their catalogs.
There is really quite a variety available. If you don't like the sleeve style, use another pattern with something you are more comfortable with. The same goes with the skirt style or any other detail that you would like to change.
There are vintage pattern sites that offer shirtwaists, too. It is fun to look at those older styles to see the uniqueness of each one.

Very Easy Vogue 8785
Vogue 8577
McCalls 6279

Marfy Dress F1663

McCalls 5847

Vogue 1233
McCalls 4769
Kwik Sew 3488

Here are a few that are some of my favorites along with McCalls 4769 that I have had success with.

Vogue 8021 (out of print)

                                                          Vogue 8028 (out of print)
Everyday Dresses pattern book is  sometimes listed  on Amazon.

Nothern Lights by Dana Marie

One final comment, if you don't find the shirtwaist dress pattern you like, you can always use your favorite blouse and add a skirt to it and it becomes a shirtwaist with some adjustments. You could make it button all the way down to the hem of the dress or put a placket in or a side zipper or make a loose waist and gather it in with elastic or a belt. Just be sure to allow yourself room to get in and out easily.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Cute Jacket!

This is available from Creations of Kerrville, Texas. I think that this would be very nice in a fun print that expresses your interests. They have a wonderful supply of great fabrics to choose from. Here is another jacket idea from their site.

These are available from Creations of Kerrville, TX.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kwik-Sew Ideas

I've been considering this outfit for a summer "pretty". It has been in Kwik-Sew since winter 2005 and is still available from the pattern company. I would definitely raise the neckline for a modest display of your sewing talents. Possiblities for fabric choices are limitless. One could use large bold prints for the skirt and a matching solid for the top. A tea length skirt would be a nice length for tops with the 3/4 sleeves. Kwik Sew 3381

The other pattern I have found has some very comfortable lines and here again, the choices of fabrics is limitless for this summer outfit. I am not sure if it available from Kwik-Sew but Sew Thankful has it and there may be other sources on the internet where it is available. This is a good one if you like matching skirt and tops and like elastic waistlines for comfort. One can always get a matching solid to make a complete coordinating outfit to mix and match with a print. This is Kwik Sew 2956
Another pattern that would work for jersey or interlock knit fabrics: Kwik Sew 2771. It features an 8 gore skirt with a simple bateau(boat)-neck top with a choice of sleeve lengths. A very simple pattern to make.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Time to gear up!

I have been on a hiatus since mid-November due to strong antibiotics taken for a tooth infection.  I ended up with clostridium difficile and candida.  Hence, my time has been spent researching the best courses to take to tame candida as the Lord took care of  "c. diff." and He is giving me insight on candida.  I have seen a naturopath for a great start on the battle.   I am really feeling great and am eating very healthy.  I did lose 20 pounds at the start and haven't gained any back.   I have had to drop a couple sizes and am adjusting my wardrobe so I don't look so thin.  Layering really helps in cold weather and adding bulk.

Anyway, I am eager to sew some new things and will share them soon.