Monday, January 2, 2017

Winter came in with a flourish of white!

Winter photo from Allposters

I have been musing over the lack of truly unique clothing styles in our major pattern books. I know that they each have certain designers that put out unique styles but they seem rather exaggerated rather than complementary.  The general offering seems to have borrowed the 70s style of shifts that are very easy to sew and display various large prints or types of fabrics.  However, we still seem to be in the T-Shirt Generation and are solidly entrenched with the huggable fabric.  All one has to do is visit any mercantile like Walmart and there are so many choices of color, motif, neck style, sleeve length, and back length but otherwise vary little variation of the basic T.  One also finds a great deal of very fitted pants other than the sweat pants and a few loose jeans.  Very few nice clothing choices are evidenced in most larger retail stores that would make a woman look feminine.  By using that word, I am referring to the "pretty", "beautiful", "lovely", "pleasing and pleasantly" modest styles that really become a woman.

We are definitely stuck in a rut as to what women are to dress like in this highly sexualized society.  Bodies have become more of an object than the people who have them.  Yes, hair and make-up make a difference also.  The Look is brazen and to be young-looking, have a sexy body and wear clothes that say (more or less) I am my own woman and I like getting "looks" and wearing "teasing" clothing and "you will just have to deal with it because I can say and do what I want!"

We are in dangerous times.  Our young girls need to be taught that the Christian view of life is to be God-fearing and God-pleasing as the Bible does give specifics on how to dress and what kind of character to have.  One of the most important aspects of being a mother is to have your husband look at your clothes and your daughter's clothes and tell you if they are appropriate, providing he wants modesty attired women and  young girls in his family. There are many resources available to help study these issues.  One of the best audio sermons on modesty is Validating the Gospel in Modesty.

With the new wave of energy coming around with the changes hoped for as a result of the election,  I think it is time that we women of Christian character started setting new standards of wearing beautiful feminine clothing and leave behind the T-Shirt Rebellion and get rid of them and wear some great looking outfits that say I am GLAD to be made a woman and I want to look feminine.  We are battling the world's standard of flashing flesh either through skimpy T shirts, tight t-shirts, body hugging dresses, and especially wearing those very tight leggings that show every thing except the actual skin.  We need to drop those skinny jeans and really move on in life.  Why would we compromise our looks for glares and stares.  Not everybody has the best shape of body--very few do--so that leaves the majority of the rest of us with something better to do with our bodies.  God made us to be helpmeets, helpmates, soulmates, with our own husband, mothers to our own children, home keepers, home economists, creatively active in our own homes, and not trying to keep up with the world's standards or styles.  We should be able to find enough joy in what we do that we do not need any approval of the world.  It is a heart issue.  Please make sure where your focus is.

I have been interested in the Swedish style I found in a magazine once and found the outfits feminine, practical, and pleasant.  I am not a fan of the pants, but it may work well for some areas of the country.
There is quite a variety of clothes and I like the cotton ones and the ethnic-looking styles.  Many are very comfortable looking as well as practical.  It is a site for the imagination to work at making something feminine and comfortable with what patterns you have or need to buy or draft for yourself! Pass  through the bathing suit part quickly and then see what interesting colors and styles that are mixed and matched.  Gudrun Sjoden
The white blouse on this page would be one that could be made from a similar pattern found in the 70s  with gathered neckline and puff sleeves and that roomy pocket.  Lots of ideas if you are looking for something different.
This is the blouse  made as a dress.
Both of these patterns found on Etsy.

For a little color or accents the following patterns  were found on Etsy:

Simplicity has new patterns out and I thought I would try the jumper in 8301 as something a little different that I would combine with a loose fitting blouse or shirt.  Interesting layout and works well with a heavier weight fabric.  There is a facing on the hem that holds the shape nicely.  It is comfortable with roomy pockets.
I also thought this blouse would work nicely as a wardrobe extender.
Dottie Angel has some cute new patterns:


 Then I came across a couple aprons that might be worth trying:

Just a few thoughts for adding a little more variety to our wardrobes so that we might look pleasingly pleasant as well as feminine to the glory of God.  Happy New Year and may you have a good year of successful sewing!