Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wardrobe wanderings-skirts

I found this on this blog.

Here is a site that will offer suggestions for compiling a wardrobe.  These clothes are geared more for the working woman, depending on her job.  However, one can adapt some for the home wear as well as for shopping, visiting, and church.  There are pants patterns and short skirts offered as well, but I like the ideas for jackets, blouses, dresses, and some skirts.

As for random thoughts on wardrobe planning that keeps coming up is that of having a working wardrobe for the type of life you live.  It is very different for a woman who works outside the home.  My concern and what I aim at is for the ladies who stay at home and want to be feminine, comfortable, yet modest as well as looking pretty.   This doesn't mean following the latest trends and fads but basically using the classics to her advantage.

Basic pieces consist of  skirts, blouses, sweaters, cardigans, dresses and for the climate you live in an outerwear covering.  Add to this accessories of various types, scarves, jewelry, belts, vests, etc.
The basics should have mix and match capabilities.

Years ago there were color specialists who helped one decide what colors looked best with one's skin and hair coloring.  Also were included ideas to help one figure out what styles of clothing worked best.  Some tend to sporty looks while others go with classic styles. The western look comes and goes as well as the prairie look.  There are feminine looks with ruffles and lace and others who just like the unusual and pull together a nice but not outlandish look.  It basically boils down to what you feel most comfortable in.

The skirt styles that are available come in a wide range and most skirts look best below the knees.

  • The length really depends on  activities.  If you have small children it might be easier to have a length that won't hike up when you squat, stoop,  hunker down, or sit on the floor.  
  • Take into consideration the width.  The fuller the skirt the more movement it allows.  The narrow skirt has limitations.  Generally, an A-line type or slightly fuller with 4 or 6 gores is comfortable.  I like the tea length in A-line or gored style as it gives great coverage and  great ease of movement.

Fabrics choices also depend on climate and season.

  • Denim is a favorite in our part of the country.  Heavy-weight for winter and lighter for summer.
  • Wool flannel and heavier wool for winter.  Lighter weights  for spring, summer, and fall.
  • Cotton makes wonderful skirts for summer.  Heavier weights work for seasonal changes.
  • Mixed fibers or man made fibers are not as comfortable.  I find them hot when you want to be cool and cold when you want to be warm.  I prefer to stick with natural fibers.
There are many choices in patterns.  The mainline pattern books available in fabric stores offer lots of styles.
Skirt patterns are easily lengthened.  Fitting is another issue.  If you go by the hip measurement, it will be easier to adjust the waist, although many skirt patterns do not go to the waist but below  with no exact waistline.  If you have trouble with a waist line or being comfortable with waistlines, you might try putting a ribbed band where the waist band goes.  It may take some experimenting, but if you look online, there are some styles of skirts that have a knit waistband that is comfort oriented.