Saturday, September 5, 2015

What's New for Fall?


Fall is only a few weeks away and stores are coming out full force with Fall and Winter wear.  Sigh.  It just seems that we have barely had  summer  in our area with more moisture than usual and a few sporadic hot spells.  Vegetables are growing better though.  Anyway, it is time to think about what to hang onto for wearing in the warm Autumn weather  and what to bring out for those cold snaps.  I  perused some of the fashions from the fashion centers on the internet but really didn't enjoy it.  I like to see practical clothing and
and it is difficult to find.  Anything goes in style and extremes seem to be rampant.  The models are very sullen in face for the most part--must be a rough life.

I wrote in the previous post about mix and match, although these seem to be very close in color and coordination, it is interesting to note the accessories used.  Perhaps this year is the time to bring out grandmother's or great-grandmother's fur collar, shawl, or coat and revamping it for the Fall/Winter wear.

Ralph Lauren Fall Collection 2015
There are several patterns that would work for revamping any fur coats or stoles.  One could also use fake fur as it is more real looking than in previous decades.  Simplicity 2150 has a nice boxy jacket of  fake fur.
Simplicity 1498 is a stole pattern that would work nicely in a lighter weight soft fake fur. McCalls 7257 has a variety of jackets using furs and feathers for a unique fun covering.  McCalls 7057 is  another pattern offering a variety of styles for a jack using  fur-like fabrics.  A simple vest pattern in McCalls 22260 would work for a fur front  or complete fur vest.  Vogue 9139  is a simple jacket that might work with fur.  KwikSew 3953 and 4139 offer other options.  Simplicity 1727 is a simple separate collar that could be made of various kinds of furs and fake furs to accessorize an outfit.

The stole with the fringe on it seems rather ingenious.  I don't think it would be hard to figure out especially if you find a nice soft lightweight fur-like fabric and just practice with a scarf or something of a size that would be manageable and comfortable.  Use that as a guide, cut and sew and edge if necessary and add the long fringe--heavy yarn, cording, or leather strips.

These models are wearing longer skirts and tops and appear very slim-which they are.  However, the principle still goes for most all medium to taller figures.  The skirt length should be determined by your figure shape and definitely below the knees.  Mid calf is appropriate for most.  Put on skirts and take pictures of yourself to see which length looks best.

Also remember that your body shape will determine if you can wear a big wide belt at the waist, below the waist as in the left picture, or even across the lower part of your tummy as in the right picture.  Experiment with pictures.  It is wonderful to be able to take shots and see the results and analyze right away.

Just some ideas for Fall and a little fun!