Sunday, June 21, 2015

Purposeful Dressing

It seems that dresses may be coming back into style now that pants have been around for years and some want a new look.  I have heard some women say that they don't own a dress, haven't worn a dress except for getting married, don't like dresses, etc.  It is a sad state when women do not like to look feminine.  There are so many "unisex" clothes that unless one's body is particularly curvaceous it is hard to distinguish the sexes with short hair on women and long hair on men.

I propose that we dress with a definite purpose, not to show off our bodies but to make the statement that we are pleased that the Lord has chosen the body He has made us in and we want to bring honor to Him by dressing appropriately which shows that we honor our husbands and family as well in looking like a "lovely lady".

There are so many clothing styles that accent body parts that it really debases the concept of what it means to be a woman of grace and beauty.  The revealing necklines, the tightness of clothing of whatever is worn, a lot of flesh showing--it all comes from the heart.  It is much more of a challenge to dress with modesty and propriety than to follow the prevailing styles  literally influenced by the  world, the flesh, and the devil  and each individual is influenced the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.   Set your sights high and look to honoring God in everything your wear.

I saw a woman the other day getting out to open the back end of her vehicle and she was wearing a tank top and shorts.  A thought struck me that she would definitely look  like a lady if she wore a skirt or comfortable culottes that went below her knees and a pretty,  loosely-fitted top that had above elbow sleeves in which she could still feel cool and comfortable as skin against skin in warm, humid, hot weather is quite uncomfortable.

I don't believe the ladies of the eras pictured  sacrificed modesty for comfort.

May you dress modestly and comfortably and enjoy being the "lovely lady" of God's purpose.