Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pertinent points

Sewing by a Window by William Kay Blacklock

 When contemplating new items for your wardrobe you may ask yourself some very pertinent questions such as these:
  • Who do I live for?  ( Whom do I want to please the most--myself, my husband, the crowd I hang with, the people at work, other women, other men, I don't care, my whims, the Lord ?) 
  • How much money do I want to invest?  Cost of item divided by number of times worn equals value.
  • How often will I wear it?
  • Am I getting/making it to keep up with current fads or is it a classic style?
  • Is it a flattering style for me?
  • Will the colors make me look my best?
  • Will I look feminine in it?
  • Will it look seductive at any angle?
  • Will it work with other pieces that I have to make my wardrobe extend ?
  • Does my husband (or parents, if young ladies) like it?
  • Does it draw attention to my face, my countenance?
  • Do I have time to get it sewn?

Sewing Machine Ad, 1900
Photo by Buyenlarge/Getty Images

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wardrobing for looks, style, success. A little about skirts.

Figuring a wardrobe takes into consideration many aspects of life.  As women we have many careers at home--first and foremost we are a grateful ( i.e. I am a woman made by God for His glory and I want to look and dress like I am pleased with how He made me)  daughter of the King,
wife to our husband,
 mother to our children

home maker and home keeper

meal preparer



food preserver

and mistress of the farm just to name a few.

For our different roles it requires different practical clothing.  For much of the homemaking activities, a lovely apron covering a simple, yet pretty-on-you frock would work nicely.  For going to town, one can add a nice jacket or cardigan or perhaps a dressier outfit would be better.  I believe that we should dress nicely because we expect those we go to see--doctor, dentist, shop-keeper, repairman, etc. to be dressed for his occupation.  If we dress nicely I believe we should expect good service.  However, our attitude makes a difference whether we dress nicely or not.

There are many opinions as to what to wear for feminine clothing.  As far as that goes, we will stick to dresses and skirts.  This post is more about skirt styles than wearing a skirt and top as opposed to a dress.  So whether you wear a dress or 2-piece outfit, you still need to figure which style is best for you.

The shape we are in determines what type of skirts and tops we would look best in.  Basically there are 2 categories:  short, 5'4" and under;  tall, 5'7" and over.   Then it breaks down into different sections  of  our body build.   If you fall between these two you have to decide which looks better on you of the styles you like.

For the short gal:   gathered skirts are not recommended for short waists, large hips ( nor a yoke also),  or a large frame.  Gathered skirts are very flattering on  long waists and small hips.  Large hips look nice  in skirts with a panel front, gored,  and  flared .   Small hips look nice in pleated,  hip stitched pleats or flares from the hip.  A single front pleat becomes a short waisted figure.

For the tall gal:  gathered skirts are not so flattering on a short waist, but a front pleat and a yoke would do nicely.  Long waisted gals can easily wear gathered skirts.  Small hips can wear gathers, panels pleated,  and hip stitched pleats and flares from a wide band.   Large hips need to avoid gathers but focus on a  panel front, gored, flared, and wrap styles.  A skinny gal should avoid straight skirts.

These are just suggestions gleaned from an older Vogue Sewing Book.  The main idea is to bring the focus to our face which should reveal our countenance and thus bring ultimate honor and glory to our Savior.

As far as general dressing in feminine clothing goes, I just came across an interesting site  called Large Families on Purpose and she states why they decided to wear feminine clothing (i.e., skirts, tops, and dresses) and also explains how they manage to do it.  She also gives tips on how to afford to start such a wardrobe.  It is an interesting read with lots of good comments and solutions.

I will post pictures with types in another post.  I am a visual person and like to see examples.