Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Ideas for Fall Dressing

I have been busy canning and haven't been able to do any sewing, just dreaming about a short length of time to fit some in.

I love the fall colors and this season of the year.  We are heading towards colder weather, yet there are some beautiful crisp days that give a lilt to the soul with the vibrancy of color and the expectancy of change.

I have left-over fabrics from previous autumn purchases that I hope to sew one or two before winter arrives.  These are cottons and some challis prints that I can put over layers of warmer undergarments to keep warm and yet have the swishiness that I like of fuller skirts and comfortable dresses.

I have found a few new sites that offer some cute patterns.

This interesting dress is from Sew Serendipity.  It shows possible combinations of fabrics in complementary ways.  Sew Serendipity has a jacket pattern that could be transitioned between summer-fall-winter using a variety of  fabrics.  She also has some nice skirt patterns and a dress that one could possibly add sleeves to for cooler weather.  Her patterns are inspiring uses of fabrics.

Burda Style offers a very easy type of dress that would work well with heavier fabrics for fall and winter.  One could put a turltneck top under for extra warmth around the neck.

This is another Burda Style  that is more classic and one could easily lengthen the skirt for a twirly feel in lighter weight fabrics.

lisette has a dress called "itinerary dress sewing pattern" that would be easy to adapt for making the skirt longer or even making it slightly flared.  I like the yoke look, especially with contrasting trim and matching obi sash.

If you like the much looser tops, lisette has one that might work out in heavier fabrics for a layered look.

lisette also offers "travelers dresses", being the classic shirtwaist.  Amy Butler also has a classic shirtwaist top that could be lengthened and perhaps widened.

Ringger Clothing  has some great classic dresses to choose from.
These are just a few ideas for fall sewing.  There are so many rich and varied hues of the fall colors that can be used:  the darker greens, burgundies, reds, red-oranges, purples, golds, browns that would work in patterns or solids.

I am hoping to get a dress done to wear for a "Pretty Dress Day"  before the weather gets too chilly.