Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winter wardrobing

In the Park
George Dunlop Leslie

I  like to be warm in the winter.  I remember as  young lady when it was freezing cold that I had short dresses with (scarcely) warm  tights and a heavy coat.  I was not one to wear things that weren't in style.  I was too thoughtful of my own desires and suffered from cold legs.  It took me  many years to come around to God's plans for modesty and comfort.  Now that some wisdom has accumulated into my thought processes from reading, studying, understanding God's desires, and putting them into practice I find life a little easier on that account.  I have not arrived by any means but it is comforting to know that I can dress according to His standards and have real peace about how I look as His representative where ever I go.  Winters are so much more bearable.

Winter time is the the time for layering.  Fabrics chosen should be natural fibers, with warmer fabrics like wool in a soft weave that is comfortable, perhaps with a cotton long sleeve knit top underneath in case  the wool makes the skin itch, and then another layer of a cardigan or heavy sweater over the wool, also an infinity scarf around the neck.  Vests of varying types are also an extra layer to help keep the heat in around the torso which is important to keep warm. Here is a guide for fabric types used in the various layers as well their reasons.  Here is another place to check out what would work best to layer.  This is for cycling in the winter but the principles still apply.  I would add a long skirt and petti-pants and/or a cotton slip.
Some layering ideas with skirts are here.  More aimed at the younger ages.

With the various lengths and styles available, chose colors that complement or contrast.  This is when basic solid colors make it easier to combine layers.   When considering colors therefore if you are shorter, the more one-color or monochromatic pieces you have will give a more vertical appearance.  For the taller person  the contrast will bring a look of  more softer look if using more rounded lines on clothing and accessories.  Now, if a person is heavier, darker colors tend to recede and bright colors tend to draw attention.  Perhaps the bright contrast, e.g.; scarves, should be close to the face in order to draw attention  to reflect  Christ in one's countenance.

The smaller figures should not use bulky pieces which would be better suited for the taller and more slender body types.  The heavier figures would do better in darker and greyed colors as they tend to not make the outline of the figure so definitive  but will give a more flattering look.

Coats, jackets and winter cover-ups vary with individual tastes.  Do remember that purchasing quality fabrics and workmanship in a classic style will last for many years.  Changes would include accessories for updating.