Sunday, February 21, 2016

Surviving the Winter--Getting Ready for Spring

A Fireside Read

By: William Mulready

While the raging storms carry on whether snow, ice, or just plain hard rain, cold weather is a challenge for keeping up the spirits and anticipating warmer times.  Appreciation for a cozy home and warm blankets, hot cocoa, and soft music welcomes weather-weary souls.  It is a time of reflection, reading books, writing letters long overdue, maybe getting some projects done in sewing, needlework, scrap-booking, record-keeping, etc., family board games, and many other relaxing and engaging activities.

This is a time to regroup the clothes and weed out the ones that are not useful, soiled beyond repair, dated by style, or colors that are not what you like or even styles that are seldom worn anymore.

Begin to check out colors that are perky for spring that will go with your style and wardrobe.  Perhaps you have everything you need and maybe a scarf, necklace, or belt might add a touch of newness to what you have.  Wise use of your funds will help alleviate any purchases that will end up at the thrift store or become dated by the next season.

Some parts of the country may be experiencing warm weather and already gals are donning spring wear.  This is also a transitional time and weather dictates whether to use a heavier or lighter piece of clothing.  One can add warmth with scarves or vests or layering sweater over lighter blouse.

This is also a time to use jumpers.  Simplicity has a wrap-around jumper that was revived from the 70s.  I do know that wrap-around  skirts and jumpers don't work very well in windy areas unless they can be fastened so as not to blow open.

Vintage 1970's Apron Dress
Wearing a long sleeve turtleneck or crew neck sweater will make this a comfortable outfit for those not-so-warm days.  Adding length to version B will cover the knees.

This Vogue 9025 is good for all body shapes.  It is a nice comfortable style that floats and wears well.  It would work for transitional days as a jacket or sweater could be added for warmth as well as warm tights.

McCalls has a similar one in this pattern  McCalls 7241 in which the skirt should be lengthened in either  flared or pleated version.

The new shirtwaist dress pattern that Simplicity offers would be warmer with a sweater either over or under the dress.  The shorter one would work very nicely by adding a longer length to cover the knees.
Simplicity Misses' Shirt Dress 8014

Here is a dress pattern from Vogue 8970 that could be dressed up or down with sweaters under it or scarves if the weather is warmer.  The neck is rather low so it should have some thing to make it modest.  It is also one that goes well with all body types.

These are just a few ideas as the catalogs bring out more spring and summer patterns.  Unfortunately, Hancocks Fabrics is closing their store where I shop.  I will miss their store and their many sales.  That leaves us with JoAnnn's for any pattern sales unless I find them online.