Saturday, June 18, 2011

How about a "Pretty Dress Day" Challenge?

                                               Women Walking on the Beach
                                                Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida

I have noticed that a lot of housewives, homemakers, and women in general wear very casual outfits when they shop in town. Even those of us who wear dresses and skirts tend to be quite casual. The only ones that are dressed up are the working women who have a dress code requiring a skirt and perhaps heels. However, yesterday I noticed a few ladies wearing dresses with a variety of summer shoes. I decided to wear a hat with my skirt and top and found it very comfortable to keep the sun off the face and eyes. I did notice another lady weating a nice long denim dress with a hat, so it must be the season for hats.

Summer will be here in another week and in our part of the country we are just starting to warm up. I have seen females of all ages bring out the skimpy summer dresses. They just don't cut it when it comes to propriety and I think that as Christian women, we can make a statement that says we can be modest and proper and pretty at the same time.

I would think it would be a fun idea to put on a pretty spring or summer dress or outfit and do our shopping with a smile. It may be a an opportunity to show that we care enough to dress with a purpose and enjoy being a woman who can do so without feeling overdone.
It is very difficult to find dresses that are modest. Many companies advertise "modest" clothing, but form-fitting, low-necks, sleeveless, and short don't exactly qualify. To be truly feminine it seems that a dress or top and skirt would show some shape, be fluid enough to move comfortably, no clinging or see-through fabric, and cover enough arm and leg and torso so that when it is worn one feels free of any hindrances, if that makes sense.
This is a dress that would be appropriate and is found at Blair.

This is a wonderful example of a modest summer dress appropriate for shopping, church, and visiting and it is found at

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cool spring dress ( My two-hour dress!)

This pattern is from Dana Marie Design Co.
(Originally  under  Paw Prints Pattern Co. name)

 I have found a pattern that works decently for me.  I have had this pattern for a long time and finally got around to sewing it up.  It is very basic with just a simple bodice with no darts, no collar with either a v-neckline or a jewel neckline, short or long sleeves, nipped in at the waist comfortably, with gathered skirt.  I made side seam pockets instead of the patch pockets. I have noticed that it is on sale for $5. while supplies last.  It is easy to sew.  The other pattern (below) #1008, Jumpsuit & Jumper
is also for sale for $5.  It is the same but without the appliques. 
In order for me to sew it up in two hours, I had my pattern cut out, thread on the sewing machine and the serger and the ironing board set up.  I notice when I have something I just want to get done, there seems to be no end to interruptions!  All the family was gone and I had two hours.  My only glitch came when I ran out of bobbin thread and didn't notice it until halfway around the waist seam. 

The other step I didn't do was to line the bodice.  My fabric was heavy and I just cut some bias from scraps and sewed it around the neck to finish it. 

I also made a placket for the skirt instead of buttons down the front.  It saves time and not having to sew the buttonholes and buttons on the skirt.

I did not include sewing the buttons  and waist hook on in the two hours.  It was basically machine sewing. 

Actually, it was fun to beat the clock and not get too many interruptions.  It inspired me to get a few more dresses cut out and have ready to sew.

Here is my dress: