Saturday, October 25, 2014

Some more wardrobing tips

Waiting on the Veranda
 Francois-Marie Firmin-Girard 

Fall is a wonderful season to wear the last of the heavier summer clothing and to start with some warm outfits for those days that stay cool.  This is the season to begin with layering lightly and progressively put on heavier layers as the days draw nearer to the winter cold.  This is the time for contrast and complimentary coloring.

The infinity scarves are still in vogue and work nicely for adding some warmth with a lighter woven top and a cardigan sweater.  I don't find them practical for working around the house though.  They are great for shopping and running errands.

There are practical accessories that add updated touches to your classic wardrobe.  The scarves that wrap around the neck without an end-infinity scarves-or with flowing tails-wrap scarves-- are great for windy and chilly days.

I would encourage you to buy fabrics that are natural as compared to synthetic as during any season that synthetics are worn in the man-made fabrics do not make the wearer comfortable.  Synthetics have been upgraded to wick moisture away from the body and I don't believe they are the healthiest for your body.  Natural fibers help hold in heat  for cold times or keep you cool in heat.

This is also the time to wear longer skirts with leggings, layered looks, and leather boots to keep your feet and legs warm.  Coat styles vary mostly determined by the wearer's character.  Tightly woven wool will help with underlinings that are warm.  Furs that hold in the warmth around the neck and face are more for comfort than looks.   Smooth leathers are usually cold.  They might be good with sheared wool underneath to hold in the warmth.

Classic styles usually are the best buys as they will  not be faddish and have to be discarded in a year or two being outdated.  The length is chosen by considering how often the coat is worn and where one basically wears it (i.e., church, shopping groceries, running errands, taking family to lessons, etc.)  Practical planning would call for a shorter coat/jacket for just everyday wear, and a longer woolen one for dressier oocasions.

More coming soon.