Friday, October 30, 2020

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Fall 2020: Some Thoughts on Clothing

                                  Autumn photo from Pexels

2020 has been a very unusual year and it has taken its toll on many parts of life.  However, one can find solace in the Lord in the most trying times as well as the good times because he has designed our life for our good and his glory.  So whatever we have to go through we find our strength in our God.

In the meantime we make the best of everything we have control of.  If you need some time to sew and have that available as well as the supplies, now with the shorter nights and cooler temperatures, we can begin our projects either for present needs or for the upcoming seasons.

I have tried to find some decent and simple styles that work on most figures.  I find there are more patterns that are designed for larger sizes which is wonderful and encouraging,  Here are some for cooler weather wear.  

For those who are able to wear cotton dresses part of the season, this is a great pattern.  It  can also be made in heavier fabrics, just make sure it hangs with a nice drape in the skirt.

Above:  Another simple and classic style which lends itself well to heavier fabrics.  A very nice length for the skirt.

This one needs a longer skirt to make is look balanced and feminine.  Interesting shoulder detail.

This is definitely summery, but with longer sleeves in a heavier fabric it would work nicely.

Above:  This classic shirtwaist needs a longer hem also but will work in heavier fabrics and can be dressed up with scarves, jewelry, and jackets.

For those needing a long full coat, this one is ample and  warm looking.   It looks feminine because of the waist and flare of the skirt.  

Butterick 6793  A coat for the cool weather.

I found  a jacket that could be used more for casual wear from WinterWearDesigns with interesting details.

This one below is a very simple and easy design.  Not a lot of buttonholes to make and a nice, slightly flared skirt.

This one is not quite so fitted but gives room for comfort.  It does need a lengthened hemline to balance it out.  The offset buttons give it a little different look.  The drawstring waist is another comfort feature.

This is the Hinterland Dress by Sew Liberated.   If this was made in a corduroy one could put a turtleneck sweater underneath with leggings to keep warm.                                                        

 This HInterland Dress above was modified with no buttons in the front.

This is a pattern I purchased and am looking forward to making it for this winter.  Found at WinterWear Designs.  You have probably noticed I like shirt dresses because they never go out of style.

For those who like jumpers, this one looks nice.  Skirts need to be lengthened.  This one is practical and comfortable looking.

So this is a small collection of clothes that would work for cooler weather.  I hope that you are able to enjoy sewing this winter.  Sometimes it is easier to buy online in the pattern department, but more difficult to do for fabrics as they have a "hand" that requires actual handling to know if the fabric is the right choice.    

May it be:

Monday, October 26, 2020

By what standards do we live ?

                                                  Dress found at

 It is increasingly difficult to find clothing that is beautiful and pretty.  There always seems to be some sexualization in the designing of the garment i.e., bare shoulders, low necklines, very fitted over bust and hips, short skirts, revealing fabrics, etc..  It is as though if there wasn't something "sexy" about a garment it wouldn't sell. Major pattern companies like McCalls, Vogue, Simplicity, and Butterick seem to have taken some of that to heart also.

Along that line while I was home due to snow closure of church I listened to a very poignant sermon called Female Modesty   I highly recommend listening to it. 

Classics are timeless in that one can use current fabrics, adjust collars, sleeves, add extra couture touches or just add pieces that coordinate well.  Classic patterns can be used many times.  They are investments as well as the classic clothing made from them.

If you are honestly trying to please the Lord Jesus Christ your desires would be to act and live as much as possible with the reliance and guidance of the Holy Spirit and by studying God's word and following his reasons for you to be a gracious, loving, kind, and gentle woman and dressing in a complementary way. 

"Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ."       Philippians 1:27a