Monday, July 11, 2016

Special 2 Day Sale for Artisan Style Clothing--Comfortable and Charming

Those of you who like a little more ease and a good comfort, quality styling, and uniqueness yet genuinely feminine in flowing and coverage take a look at these three.

Sewing has Park Bench Patterns for $2.99 today and tomorrow, and I would recommend  you  sign up for their emails and received notices for pattern sales.  I think it is wonderful that this company can offer specials like this.  Check them out.

Anyway, these  patterns  from Park Bench Patterns (I picked out these favorites) offer some variety in sewing as well as adding to a wardrobe.

Park Bench Mexico Holiday pattern is a modern update of a vintage favorite, the 1940's Mexican souvenir jacket. Make it traditional with the included applique patterns or contemporary, both versions are included in the pattern. These unlined jackets feature: shoulder darts, side vents, patch pockets, pleated sleeves and lots of charm!
These Mexican Jackets are a bit of nostalgia but can be used plain for wardrobe extenders.                      

Park Bench Charlesbank Park pattern is a dress that has 4 pie shaped gores in the skirt with a slightly curved & raised front waist, with optional bust tucks. The length of the skirt is your choice. The sleeves can be made with or without ruffles. Made without the ruffles, this is my favorite 'little black dress'. The armholes of this dress are large and designed for comfort. The purpose of the bodice lining is to solve the problem of undergarment exposure. When you raise your arm, the lining (not your bra) will show. the lining is cut on the bias so it will contour to your body and fit comfortably. This dress is designed to have 6'-8' of ease. 
I like the idea of the above being her favorite little black dress as I believe the gals who have a larger body build would wear this very nicely.  Those of us on the very thin side are not able to wear these wonderfully flowing dresses as well.    It just looks very comfortable and should wear well and could be made out of a variety of fabrics that basically drape well.

Park Bench Elm Street Park pattern is an over-sized dress with dropped shoulders and a full skirt. The waist is meant to be large and roomy with 10'-12' of ease. Add mitten clips or ties to the back for a little gentle shaping. Optional hem bands will add contrast. A short vest fits right over the dress bodice to give a layered look. The jumper version can be worn over the dress or with a t-shirt. Elm Street Park is a great canvas for creative sewing! This pattern is sized to fit most and is designed to have lots of ease.

This gored bias cut swirl skirt with scalloped hem is a modern update of a style from those times that was so good it has become a classic

These are my favorites and there are more to pick from at Sewing