Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wardrobe wanderings-skirts

I found this on this blog.

Here is a site that will offer suggestions for compiling a wardrobe.  These clothes are geared more for the working woman, depending on her job.  However, one can adapt some for the home wear as well as for shopping, visiting, and church.  There are pants patterns and short skirts offered as well, but I like the ideas for jackets, blouses, dresses, and some skirts.

As for random thoughts on wardrobe planning that keeps coming up is that of having a working wardrobe for the type of life you live.  It is very different for a woman who works outside the home.  My concern and what I aim at is for the ladies who stay at home and want to be feminine, comfortable, yet modest as well as looking pretty.   This doesn't mean following the latest trends and fads but basically using the classics to her advantage.

Basic pieces consist of  skirts, blouses, sweaters, cardigans, dresses and for the climate you live in an outerwear covering.  Add to this accessories of various types, scarves, jewelry, belts, vests, etc.
The basics should have mix and match capabilities.

Years ago there were color specialists who helped one decide what colors looked best with one's skin and hair coloring.  Also were included ideas to help one figure out what styles of clothing worked best.  Some tend to sporty looks while others go with classic styles. The western look comes and goes as well as the prairie look.  There are feminine looks with ruffles and lace and others who just like the unusual and pull together a nice but not outlandish look.  It basically boils down to what you feel most comfortable in.

The skirt styles that are available come in a wide range and most skirts look best below the knees.

  • The length really depends on  activities.  If you have small children it might be easier to have a length that won't hike up when you squat, stoop,  hunker down, or sit on the floor.  
  • Take into consideration the width.  The fuller the skirt the more movement it allows.  The narrow skirt has limitations.  Generally, an A-line type or slightly fuller with 4 or 6 gores is comfortable.  I like the tea length in A-line or gored style as it gives great coverage and  great ease of movement.

Fabrics choices also depend on climate and season.

  • Denim is a favorite in our part of the country.  Heavy-weight for winter and lighter for summer.
  • Wool flannel and heavier wool for winter.  Lighter weights  for spring, summer, and fall.
  • Cotton makes wonderful skirts for summer.  Heavier weights work for seasonal changes.
  • Mixed fibers or man made fibers are not as comfortable.  I find them hot when you want to be cool and cold when you want to be warm.  I prefer to stick with natural fibers.
There are many choices in patterns.  The mainline pattern books available in fabric stores offer lots of styles.
Skirt patterns are easily lengthened.  Fitting is another issue.  If you go by the hip measurement, it will be easier to adjust the waist, although many skirt patterns do not go to the waist but below  with no exact waistline.  If you have trouble with a waist line or being comfortable with waistlines, you might try putting a ribbed band where the waist band goes.  It may take some experimenting, but if you look online, there are some styles of skirts that have a knit waistband that is comfort oriented.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Work Aprons


This summer I have used and abused my favorite everyday aprons so that they are almost threadbare.  I am not ready to toss them yet as I need to replace them first.  I have been looking for some new apron patterns and will try something simple as I have a few of the more stylish and detailed ones for company and Sundays.

A simply cute apron.

This was listed on etsy.

An even longer apron.

                         These above are  simply styled ones that would cover more of my skirt.


I am not sure if this is the same as Sew Liberated, Emmeline apron.  If anyone can give credit to the correct pattern company, please notify me.

Here are some sights for more styles:

For the western look I like this apron:
It is denim colored with a cute ruffle.

Here's a very interesting business called Creative Chics and they make fantastic aprons!  I would consider their occupation and success a dream come true.

All this apron business and cooler weather makes me want to spend more time in the kitchen.
My daughter has made a  30-Day Easy summer meals cookbook.  I like the avocado, bacon, grilled cheese sandwich!  Mmmmm!

You can get it here.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

More shirtwaist ideas

Picture from Tumblr.

I am fond of shirtwwaists.  I grew up when they were popular and made many when in school.  I made several dressier variations called coat dresses.  They were great for church and special occasions, i.e., Mom graduating fom college with an M.Ed., brother graduating from High School.  We wore DRESSES in those days.  No woman in her right mind went to most  functions in anything other than a decent looking dress,  suit, or a coat over a nice dress, and  with heels.  The men were dressed up, too.  People had a sense of respect for occasions and people.  They wanted to present themselves clean, neat, orderly, and dressed for the occasion. 

I like to see the forties and fifties pictures of families where the mother is dressed femininely and looks graceful.
One of the great misconceptions of this era  (40s and 50s) seems to be the size of the waist.  The waists seemed to be quite small on most patterns and pictures.   I remember that women wore dresses that were nipped in at the waist but it looked comfortable.  They might have had waists that were smaller then than what we sport now.  I believe what we eat and how we wear our clothes determines how much waist we have.  If we don't wear anything that fits close to our waist it seems that we are not conscious of our midsection as most styles tends to hide it and  we aren't noticing that something gets tighter around our waist when we have let our restraints go.
 We do desire to have a femininely-looking figure yet modestly attired and covered, i.e. meaning not tight fitting, not a lot of flesh showing (wide, low necklines, bare arms, leg above the knee--you could almost ask a non-Christian what a Christian lady should dress like and get some interesting answers!).  One could get legalistic, but it boils down to "whom do I dress to please", and  "why do I want to wear this ___?"  At any rate, our clothing should glorify the Lord as He has provided the means for us to get our clothing.
I have found a few more shirtwaists dresses I would like to sew.  

Butterick 5846

Butterick 5846

Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Dress for spring

This is an interesting dress that Vogue Patterns has listed.  Is this reminiscent of the 80's with the fullness, comfort, and feminine design?  The use of strips is an eye-catching adaptation of an almost full circle skirt.  It is a pleasant relief from the tight fitting styles as well as starkness of the 70's.  The coolness of the colors and the loose sleves make it seem perfect for those very warm days ahead.
The rest of the information for Vogue 8895 is found here.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring blouses

We are getting our winter weather now that we have started a new season!  Snow is sparkling outside and we are thankful for the moisture.  It is much needed.  Our spring  wardrobe will have to wait longer in storage until we see that the temperatures will be more conducive to lighter wear.

In the meantime, it is time to plan for some blouse additons for existing skirts.  Color choices will be determined by the skirts and how many combinations will work together.

These are  simple blouses that can be worn through three seasons.  Butterick 5890 (top) can be made into a variety of weights of fabrics.  McCall's 6750 (bottom) is also versatile and offers sleeveless (which is immodest and I would use another sleeve pattern that goes above the elbow similar to the Butterick above) and two longer lengths.

I am looking forward to getting these patterns as they seem simple to construct and yet very stylish and modest with the longer sleeves (elbow, mid forearm, and wrist length).

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Adorable tea cozies!


                    Here are some vey nice tea cup cozies.  They are so elegant!  You can find them at Roses and Teacups.  They do keep the tea quite warm in the cup.    They are also machine   washable.   I just finished making my electric water pot a cover.  I have some left-over fabrics and will try to make one of these.                   

Saturday, March 2, 2013

One nifty bag!

I found an easy and cute pattern that is worth your while to make.  It doesn't take long and you need timtex or something that will hold it's shape to sew in between the lines to give the bag stability and capability to fold flat.
Here's the small one that I made.

Sew Thankful has them on sale now for $6.99.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine inspiration

Usually I like to decorate with some red and white in February, at least through the end of  Valentine's Day week.  I decided to finish my heart table runner for this time, but couldn't find it anywhere in my project stash so I had to find some other fabric and make another runner. Shucks! One of my favorite runner pattern companies is Pieced Tree Patterns with a great variety of runners to choose from.  I chose the  "Just a Dash"  # Tiny 51.  I had some heart fabric left over from another project and used white for the dashes.  It is a very easy and quick pattern to follow and I am making a St. Patrick's Day theme for the reverse side that way I can get double use out of it.

There are some other sites that offer free valentine table runners. 
Here is one from

This one is called Simply Hearts Table runner.

Here is another one that is free from Harding Hill Designs.  It has a little more detail  to it and is a little bigger.
It is called a Sweetheart Table Runner.

I found another one from Bay Window Quilt Patterns that would make up nicely in a variety of reds and contrasts.
It is called "Sweethearts" Table Runner or Wall Hanging.

Rebecca Ruth has some patterns for sale.


One more that would work up nicely and it is free.
This is the Sweetheart Table Runner found here.

Happy Sewing! 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Spring in mind

We were in town while the patterns were on sale so I accumulated another pile with big dreams of sewing a few for Spring.  The girls picked out some easy ones and I thought I might try some simple ones.   We are working at getting ahead a little.  We will be weeding out some outgrown clothing and replacing them with some they will sew themselves.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Apron Time

This year I started out making new aprons as my old ones are getting threadbare.  I have purchased fabric over the years at sales to make some pretty ones.  I also collected patterns while they were on sale.   Rather than trying some larger project, I decided to get a few done interspersed in a day's activities.  I made several to give away for Christmas and another for a birthday.

Tipnut has some vintage apron patterns to choose from.

Here are a few pictures of some that  I  made:

Butterick 4945
Ringger Clothing Apron Pattern
Found only the basic apron and pocket in stash.
Lined the apron as the fabric was thin.
A pattern that McCall's offers
This looks simple and easy to make and use.