Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New patterns to try

Late Autumn has been a very busy time for us. Deer hunting and the processing of the meat, family and friends coming and going, and of course, cold weather setting in with fewer trips to the big city, and then the Thanksgiving and Christmas activities add up to little extra time. So, I haven't been able to do as much research and sewing and blogging as I would like.

This is the time of year to bring out the heavy cottons, wools, and corduroys. The layers of tops, sweaters, and jackets are practical. It is easier to take off a layer than to find something to help you get warmer, especially when the weather changes quickly or even if you have to be in some cold buildings. Some friends keep their houses cooler than I am used to and so I tend to wear more layers when visiting. I especially like to wear the cotton leggings and knee socks as well as pantalettes for warmth.

I have found a few patterns to try. I have done some shopping online and am looking forward to some sewing when the snowy weather gets really bad. A lot of the pattern books have such limited styles (and imaginations). They have been putting out a lot of very fitted, short, skimpy looks. There are some that are soft and feminine and several that need the neckline raised (after all--skin has been showing for a long time now and we need new styles and something else to look at!)

I will post the new patterns soon.

I am also working on some quick table runners for Christmas presents and will try to post pictures of them.

What a merry time to sew!