Monday, May 11, 2020

Just a quick glimpse at a versatile pattern

Summer sewing suggestion.

In times like these where our attention is drawn from being able to do what we have been used to doing, to being given direction from government authorities as to what we should do, we can find that sewing is a nice diversion, distraction, and practical activity.  Hopefully fresh air, sunshine, and exercise are also part of your life as they are a great boon for the body, soul and mind also as well as praying always.

In the midst of all that has been going on, we have moved into our new home, therefore I have only a quick note for now.  I found an excellent and easy pattern for the classic shirtwaist that is offered by New Look Patterns  and I am always pleased to find the price is right with New Look! The nice part about this is being able to order it and hopefully use some of your stash just to try it out for fit and looks.

I like the simple lines, not too full nor too slender, side pockets, shorter sleeves (not sleeveless) for summer, great length, very modest all around, easy to sew and it does not require a lot of fabric   Dress it up with a scarf, jewelry, pins, belt, sweater, or jacket.  Make several if you like it.  A variety of fabrics are suggested so pick is what is best for your climate and enjoy!  I am not sure if Walmart carries New Look patterns any more but if you can afford it, get the pattern and a pretty print for summer.

May your summer be blessed with faith and family and some sewing!