Monday, March 12, 2012

Time to gear up!

I have been on a hiatus since mid-November due to strong antibiotics taken for a tooth infection.  I ended up with clostridium difficile and candida.  Hence, my time has been spent researching the best courses to take to tame candida as the Lord took care of  "c. diff." and He is giving me insight on candida.  I have seen a naturopath for a great start on the battle.   I am really feeling great and am eating very healthy.  I did lose 20 pounds at the start and haven't gained any back.   I have had to drop a couple sizes and am adjusting my wardrobe so I don't look so thin.  Layering really helps in cold weather and adding bulk.

Anyway, I am eager to sew some new things and will share them soon.

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