Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Tip

Another favorite is the Gingher 4" lightweight embroidery scissors. When I make buttonholes I use a seam ripper and these scissors. They are lightweight and easy to handle. I poke the seam ripper in the middle of the buttonhole and then very carefully cut towards the stitching at each of the tacked ends of the buttonhole. The points of the scissors are small and narrow and make it easy to clip those delicate places. These work best on lighterweight fabrics.

I notice that the picture from the Gingher website has "gingher ITALY" stamped on it. Mine says "gingher TAIWAN".

I have an old seam ripper and noticed that Gingher has a new ergonomically styled one. I haven't tried that yet. I do like to have a seam ripper that won't allow my fingers to slip forward if I get in a tough spot. I have found slipping fingers can to be hazardous as the seam ripper will cut fabric with ease and the result is difficult to repair.

Do any of you have any favorite tools that you would like to share how useful they have been?

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