Saturday, November 10, 2012

Minimal Wardrobing

Do you ever find that overlooking something for long periods of time, you can come back to it with a new inspired view?  I had a piece of grey to make a skirt just sitting on the stash pile.  While working my way through a thrift store I found a brand new grey sweater set and asked my girls if I could wear that color and they assured me it looked good on me so I proceeded to claim it for a new working color in a capsule wardrobe of greys.

I also found a grey plaid in my wool stash .  I plan to make a vest out of this as there is less than a yard.  I can use a red turtleneck sweater under it as well as a grey one.  I also have a corduroy print that I will make into a dress and can wear the grey button front sweater with it.  I found some grey geometric print at Walmart that matches the skirt of which I will make a blouse.  I noticed the quilt store had some grey and green prints in and will have to see if it matches when the road clears of snow.

Here are the fabrics and they don't look coordinated in the pictures.  I've had them in the sunlight and under the true Ott light to make sure they do match.   Artificial lighting can be difficult to determine good matches.  None of these look like they match!

My  fabrics:

These are the patterns:

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