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Workable Tops for Wardrobing

When considering tops for outfits,  look for style, comfort, and color.
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Style--1. A particular fashion in clothing.
          2. A particular type or fashion suitable for or agreeable to a person.

Your personality usually dictates what you consider your style.  Here we have a gamut of listings.  This would include the sporty styles, the classic looks, the romantic  types, the little girl, cutesy, fad follower, western  type, layered, country casual, dressy, petite pixie, tall, willowy, draped, tomboy, man-style, etc.  Unfortunately, we tend also to be heavily influenced by many biases from social media, written media, and  entertainment media.  Statement clothing is obvious, for example "steam punk", the "grunge" look from times past.

For Christian women, young ladies, and girls we want to
dress in a manner that honors our
Maker and also our family.  Our
attention should be to the details
that will enhance our statement that we
are women who want to glorify the Lord.

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Style includes what looks good on you, what fits so that no undue attention is drawn to anything other than your face, and what is considered classic with minor variations.  Your own unique style will include these.
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One of the basic considerations when buying a garment is to use the funds that God has provided in a wise way so that you will get many miles out of your purchases.  You can figure this out by dividing the cost of an article of clothing by how many times you plan to wear it.

The tops can be divided into seasonal categories which really depends on the area you live in.  We have definite seasons here and so we put away summer clothes and get out the winter ones once we have gone through the transitional stages of spring and fall.  We use natural fibers as they keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
We also have wind to deal with and little humidity.

This is a simple yet beautiful look.
I don't know where I found this.
 (If you do, please let me know so I can give credit where it is due.)

Purchase items that can be used for mixing and matching with other pieces in your wardrobe.  Try to match up with as many pieces as possible.  Many blouses can be worn over t-tops for a layered look as well as a way to give a little more cover when it is cool but not enough to wear a sweater or jacket.

The best way is to have either fabric samples from other pieces to match when shopping, carry the item or wear it.  Try on styles to see if you like them try different colors.  Try scarves and other accessories to add to classics.  

These are a few of many styles of tops of woven fabrics.  Knit tops come in a variety of styles.  Just remember they tend to follow the body closely and our object is not to bring the eyes to anything other than our face.  We want people to see our countenance which should radiate our desire to please our Savior.

When in doubt, mother, father, and brothers can be of great assistance because, hopefully, they want to love and protect you and help you to look your best as a Godly representative of what you believe and cherish.
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See this site to order blouse pattern.  This would look terrific with a gored skirt.
Visit here.
Blouse found here.  These camp shirts are
great with simple skirts.

Available here.

Ruthie's Run.  Always a classic style.

Ann Taylor  Well suited for dressier occasions.

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