Thursday, January 15, 2015

What can you do with a shirtwaist dress in winter?

A Winter Outfit

I find the shirtwaist dress a wonderful wardrobe addition. It can be made in a variety of colors with darker jewel tones for winter wear.  There are infinite styles available for choosing one that is the best suited for the different  body types which makes it a most practical item for the wardrobe.


The above photo shows the various ways of combining tops and accessories to make the shirtwaist versatile.
For a winter shirtwaist, corduroy, wool flannel, wool knit, cotton flannel, and weights of mid to heavier fabrics would keep one warmer.  Having turtle-neck or a higher-necked under-sweater or even adding a vest to the combination would be comfortable.  Leggings and boots would keep the legs warmer.  Winter is a good time to wear longer skirts as it keeps the wind off and insulates the legs.  I would add a few more inches to the skirt of this shirtwaist pictured above as it is much more flattering and femininely pleasing to have the skirt come to about mid calf length.  It just balances that  wonderfully feminine look.

Here are some other ideas for interchangeable ideas for winter wear.  I cut these pages out of a magazine years ago as I liked the ideas shown.  I can not remember the name of the  magazine but it was aimed at Christian women.  I hope you can read the fine print.

Here are some simple ideas from vintage patterns that would add a little interest to the neckline.
Clever things to do with the neckline.

Then there are also a variety of scarves on the market to add color  and  versatility to your shirtwaist.

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