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Capsulizing a Wardrobe: Mix and Match

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 George Dunlop Leslie

Years ago, we used to make blouses and skirts so that they looked like a one-piece dress when actually they could be worn mixed and matched.  Of course one could always add more pieces and the variety increased the versatility of the garments. That was before knit tops became popular and woven cottons of various weights and qualities reigned for practical clothing.  Most of these patterns were found on Etsy.

Two Piece Dress

Seven Day Wardrobe

The seven day wardrobe was one of those fun projects to see how many items could mix and match  with three to four different fabrics that coordinated.

While searching through the internet I found this picture:
Fashion Wonder
I was fascinated by the simplicity of the pieces.  The combination of colors lends variety.  It was a picture that inspired me as it is quite feminine in character, modest in design lines, and the idea can be replicated in a variety of  skirts, blouses, and jackets.  I prefer a more subdued outfit myself, but it is worth emulating in that it covers her very decently and in a very practical mode, although very few of us could afford to have a box-pleated leather skirt whereas a wool skirt would be deemed more practical.  Her blouse offers full coverage and there are many such patterns available to complete an outfit.

I found a few "vintage" patterns that could be used similarly to the above.  However, currently there are many catalog patterns that are available to make such an outfit.  This could be the base for your wardrobe for church, gatherings, shopping, etc.

There is a two-piece dress on sale from KwikSew for $3.99 right now.  It is a simple style that could be made with  coordinating fabrics for fall and winter.  Longer sleeves and higher top would work well for those seasons.  Shorter sleeves and lighter fabrics are good for spring and summer.  The skirt is a flattering design.  All one needs is a jacket  and there are many short styles to choose from.

This pattern offers a jacket with a collar.
Here are a few ideas for jackets.  Watch for those sales from JoAnn's and Hancocks.

This has a skirt pattern as well.

 Butterick 5927  would work nicely with its simple lines.

 The above pattern,  and the one directly below  (Butterick 5756) are similar to the the following Vogue  9090 skirt and would work nicely with a short boxy or slightly fitted jacket.
This is  Vogue 9090 that may go well with a short jacket.

This is another Vogue pattern   (Vogue 7975)  that has many options.

An interesting jacket pattern that is more fitted and has a unique style line is offered at Nancy' Notions.

This pattern offered by Indigo Junction  is looser in style, yet chic and comfy looking.  

I am sure you can find patterns that will suit your taste for a feminine classic look that is both modest and becoming.  May it all be done for the glory of the Lord.

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