Thursday, October 22, 2015

Musings on Fall into Winter

Gather It Up

With the wind blowing very steady at gale forces, I am inside thinking of how to be prepared for winter.  So far our fall has been unusually warm with only two frosts that nipped the top leaves of the vegetables.  With an 80 degree day yesterday, it is hard to imagine colder days are coming.  We have had a beautiful golden Fall but today the leaves are definitely disappearing in the wind.

The circling scarves are still fashionable and are a mainstay for winter warmth.  Fabrics and hand knitted or crocheted neck wraps work wonderfully. Sewing your own would save time and money and give you a very usable accessory. This would be a project you could work on when the weather changes and you can sit and put a little time into a scarf that would suit your needs.  Here are some to check out:
Fabric scarf to make.

Free Pattern

Another great site and printable instructions for the infinity scarf is found here from Pink Chalk Fabrics.

I like the cooler weather for layering.  It works better for warmth.  I know there are those that don't care to wear layers, but I need them to keep warm.  I do like to wear the leggings under skirts.  This year I found some fleece-lined tights.  I know they aren't a natural fiber, but I hope they will do the trick as I usually wear knee-hi socks with the leggings and sometimes the leggings look a little baggy around the ankle even though I try to fold them to keep them flat against my ankle under the knee-hi socks.

Getting the right pair of shoes or boots helps also.  The clog-type shoes go with a lot of heavier fabrics as well as boots.  It really depends on your preference and weather.  For shopping, I prefer a low shoe of leather.  Be sure to get a shoe with a good gripping sole as the slick soles can cause serious injury if you slip on wet flooring with them.

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