Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More thoughts on minimal wardrobe building

Here is an idea for coordinating clothes.  Ruthie Sews made a great looking wardrobe and posted it on her site.  The basic pattern is New Look 6735.

As a sewer I have found myself buying more on spontenaity than on configuring a wardrobe.  Perhaps it is because I can, with some effort, find  fabrics that I want to try new patterns on with not too much outlay.  I must admit that it is getting harder to find fabrics at decent prices anymore so sewing for oneself is becoming more of an expression of an art or hobby.

With changing seasons, the wardrobe has to either stretch to fit one whole season and part of the next or one just has four separate seasons of clothing which makes for a lot of clothes to either hang or put in storage and rotate.  That would take a lot of justifying.  Minimal amount is the key.

I find that wearing skirts and tops makes it easier to wear through a season and into the next.  I do like to have dresses for Sundays and special occasions. I have just finished an "in-betweener" that I will wear to my sister's church.  It is a "3-yarder" for me so I am able to reason the cost out and figure it not too  expensive as I can use it for late spring, summer, and early fall.  I didn't put any buttons on yet as I plan to purchase them on our trip and sew them on while visiting my sister.

I have a few pieces of Pendleton wool that I purchased years ago at their outlet store and have been waiting for the right pattern for a skirt and jacket.  It is flannel weight and will work well for late fall, winter, and early spring.   The issue will be to find tops and blouses that I can mix and match. I will use these for church basically and any occasion called for dressing in something other than home-wear.

For home outfits this fall and winter, I will use corduroy, denim, and some heavier twill for skirts to pair with longer-sleeved blouses, sweatertops and sweaters to wear.  Pantaloons/bloomers or leggings  fit nicely under the skirts in cooler weather as well as knee-highs.  If it gets really cold I add a slip as well.

Pattern Review has a "Mini Wardrobe" contest and you can find the rules here. It will give you some guidelines for creating a matching wardrobe.   I hope this give you a handle on how to maximize the minimum.

More on minimal wardrobing after a short vacation out west!

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