Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Home Again

We are finally back from a wonderful visit in the great Pacific Northwest. Apple season is well underway in central Washington and we were able to bring back some great big Honeycrisps for fresh eating. We were also able to visit the Back to Eden garden site and learn from the experience of one who gardens God's way. A very interesting side trip and the children really enjoyed it!

The weather was the best and I was able to wear my new dress that was pictured in the last post.  We did go thrifting and found some nice summer tops on sale for the girls as we went prepared for rainy and cool weather. 

It almost takes a week to get back into a routine.  It is good to be home and to think about sewing for Fall and Winter.  The girls are ready to get their F/W clothes out and put away their S/S outfits.  I have done that now that nights are getting a little more brisk.

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