Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Catching up?

It is that time of year when marketing is heading towards spring and summer and I'm feeling as though I am barely getting caught up in the winter cyle. I try to get patterns and fabric ready for the next season, but many times it ends up being made the following year's season! I think it would be easier to concentrate on just trying to accomplish smaller projects for those of us with limited time.

I hope that you don't have as many projects unfinished as I have!

With the weather giving us some unwanted coolness,  it may be a while before those  in the northern section of the US can change winter wardrobes to spring clothing.  Here is a modest one from this site.

Styles seem to be whatever one feels inclined to wear so there should be just as much skin showing again as the weather warms.  As believers, we need to check our motives for what we wear and why.  Always make sure it does not cause embarrassment to anyone as wider necklines, tighter fitting, and higher skirts call attention to our physical being instead of the countenance of our face which should reflect our identity with Christ  because we  love  the Savior and need to remember what He has done for us so that we are not held to the bonds of approval of the world's system.  

Our desire should be to reflect the attributes that mark a Christian or set one apart from the world.  We are to be in the world but not of it. We don't want to wear fig leaves--our own ideas of covering the body;  we are covered with God's covering--he killed an animal to clothe Adam and Eve.  In other words, God sets the standards by which we live which will bring honor and glory to him through everything we do including the clothing we wear.  We must ask ourselves is Christ magnified by what I am wearing?  Modesty is a heart issue.  Your body language and actions and what you wear speaks who you represent.

May your choices reflect what you believe.

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