Thursday, June 30, 2016

Easy pieces!

Gibson Girl, 1899

 With summer heat on the rise, some of us like to spend the heat of the day in front of a sewing machine working on some projects some perhaps inspired by the heat.  There are pieces that lend themselves well to either being dressy or casual really depending on the fabrics used.  A classic style top and skirt will span several years worth of wearing, particularly if you use colors that enhance you and accent pieces that will add variety.

I tend to check out New Look patterns as they have very basic and simple-to-make styles.  For Summer I like make easy pieces out of lighter cottons for coolness and comfort.  One can always add a light sweater or jacket  for the top and a half slip or knee-length bloomers under the skirt.  Unless you can catch patterns on sale, Walmart offers the New Look Patterns for  under $5.

Simple Tops

This is an easy top from New Look 6434 that I hope to make soon.

This one is looser.
Getting into more detail with the pleated top--which would be a great camouflage top for various issues.

This blouse has more detail and pulls over the head.  It is more fitted.

This one has a jacket that would go nicely on cooler occasions.  The tops could be used with any skirt.

Then there is the camp shirt which is comfortable.

Simple A-Line Skirts

There is a simple skirt from New Look 6437 that will look nice on every body. A-line skirts are feminine and flattering.  New Look 6004 with a simple elastic waist to quickly pull on.  I like to add pockets to the side seam for keeping things handy.  There are other with a little more detail  New Look 6287 and New Look 6483

This New Look has some pockets  and is a little more fitted in the waist.

                                                          Wishing you a wondrous summer.


Lisa said...

I enjoy seeing the patterns that you choose and recommend, as well as the fabrics and tips that are offered. The dresses that you find are lovely!
You encourage me to sew more and to choose to be more feminine. Thanks for your encouragement and the effort that you put into your posts!

Yvette said...

Thank you for posting these! I especially love the A-line skirts you posted. I will be copying some of these pattern numbers down! :)